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Learn in a Minute What SAP HANA Cloud Integration Is and How SAP Documentation Helps You Get Started

SAP HANA Cloud Integration (SAP HCI) is a cloud-based integration platform that allows you to integrate processes running across heterogeneous landscapes that contain cloud-based applications, on premise applications, or a mixture of both kinds of applications.

Cloud-based integration platform means: The data that is exchanged between the involved applications during the operation of an integration scenario is processed on a cluster of different virtual machines hosted in the SAP cloud. Hereby, it is made sure that data and processes “belonging to” different customers are strictly separated from each other. This is achieved by assigning each customer a separate “part” of the integration platform (in terms of data storage and CPU) – which is also referred to as tenant (see Tenant Isolation).

The integration software running on this virtual cluster is updated on a monthly basis, and you as the customer do not have to deal with installation or upgrade.

What you have to do is: First of all, subscribe for a tenant and connect your application to it. Set up a secure connection to make sure that data transferred between your application and SAP HCI is protected at most. Secondly, specify your integration scenario and make sure that the corresponding information (about how your data is to be processed; also referred to as integration content) becomes accessible for the SAP HCI runtime components assigned to you. Thirdly, operate your integration scenario and monitor the message exchange and “your part” of the runtime cluster.

The figure illustrates the general landscape and the three main phases of integration projects that result from the above mentioned things.


To get an overview of the general technical landscape and the things you have to arrange for in order to get an integration scenario running, check out this topic: Elements of a Cloud-Based Integration Scenario.

To learn more, check out the SAP HCI documentation which is tailored along the main phases of integration projects.

You can find the documentation at:

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