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BW on HANA Migration Best practices

This blog is to emphasize on the general best practices followed while migrating from traditional BW to “BW on HANA” environment. As the saying goes, there are nothing called as a best practices…”Best Practices are usually the outcome of experiences”. Here is a list of such experiences …


BW on HANA Migration Best practices

  1. Increased usage of HANA optimized info providers in data modeling to accelerate data loads, simplify data modeling and allow faster remodeling of structural changes.
  2. Usage of new Business content optimized for BW on HANA to achieve the common goal i.e. Provisioning of a new level of analytics for core business processes through analytical business content, combining capabilities of SAP HANA and SAP NetWeaver BW
  3. It is recommended to perform Environment analysis and prepare a customer strategy to convert traditional BW info cubes & Data store objects to HANA-optimized, according to the SAP provided guidelines. However from practice, we do NOT recommend converting all DSOs to the HANA-optimized version though.
  4. It is recommended to focus on “Table partitioning and distribution” , an important factor for stability and performance of BW-HANA system. To ensure an optimal distribution in terms of memory allocation it is recommended, to consider the splitting parameters of the following SAP Note 1819123
  5. The usage of the automated check tool(SAP Note 1729988 ) to check the Client system prior migration if certain requirements for migration are fulfilled
  6. It is recommended to use latest SAP HANA support package stack and revision before the technical migration
  7. It is recommended to use and install latest SAP HANA Client according to the database version.
  8. Improved usage of LSA++ in data modeling aspects  of BW on HANA. With LSA++ for BW on HANA, clients will have huge opportunities developing the BW EDW further becoming a holistic data framework for consistent BI on the EDW, operational and agile BI. 
  9. It is recommended to make use of SAP delivered reports and ensure that all post migration steps via RS_BW_POST_MIGRATION according to the BW Upgrade guides are executed and finished successfully.
  10. It is recommended to Configure fail over mechanism for BW on HANA
  11. For the more long term and stable requirements, it is recommended to use the new Virtual Provider(s) on HANA models.
  12. It is recommended to keep the BW on HANA model as simple as possible and model the calculations instead in the BEx Query.
  13. It is recommended to perform the necessary BW configurations and to build a Data migration strategy at the start of the project to expedite BW on HANA adoption.
  14. It is recommended to perform a periodic check on Analytic Indexes. Transaction RSDD_LTIP provides you with an overview of all available analytic indexes. You can also manage these indexes here. Here you also see the analytic indexes created in Workspace Designer and the indexes generated using the function for creating Transient Providers on SAP HANA models.


Hope this helps in forming an idea and taking initial steps while performing BW migration.

Conclusion :

Thanks for reading this blog. We will continuously update this Blog with new updates. We appreciate your feedback to improve this blog.

Endnote: If there are any fundamental errors, then they are mine.


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