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SAP going forward with PowerBuilder in partnership with Appeon!

Announced by Dirk Boessmann at the Charlotte PowerBuilder Conference.

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  •     Dirk is still talking but he is saying that Appeon engineers are already engaged with SAP’s engineers in a technology transfer! Dirk already has a committed “team” to make this happen.

        A signed letter of agreement & understanding is now in place today. A full signed contract Dirk hopes to be in place in the near future. However, this should be only a matter of following a legal process. The signed agreement today by both companies – allows Appeon & SAP to move forward in transferring PB knowledge & the IDE to Appeon now during the final legal paperwork.


    More news soon … Stay tuned!

  • Hi Tobias;

       Dirk indicated that this will be a full OEM agreement between SAP and Appeon. While Appeon will be in “The Drivers Seat” (Dirk’s own words), SAP is partnering with Appeon to move the PB product forward. SAP realizes that they are not in a position to enrich PB and thus need to ” out source ” the PB engineering over to Appeon which is a company that knows PB – maybe even better than Sybase ever did.

    Regards … Chris

    • I couldn’t agree more. Outstanding idea.

      Not only is it a good idea, but there are already significant changes that have happened with regards to marketing of PowerBuilder.

      Internet Marketing for PB Up 500-600% Recently

      I noticed the marketing changes several months ago before I knew about the Appeon partnership. Essentially I noticed that someone has bid up PowerBuilder keywords in Google Adwords, this is something that has NOT been done in as long as I can remember.

      PowerBuilder XX (latest version) keyword has never paid more than $2 per click in as long as I can remember, and it was usually much less than $1. To give you an idea how much the marketing has changed, in some cases I have seen CPC values five to six times higher than while SAP was marketing. This is higher than I’ve ever seen. This is a serious (and expensive) commitment to marketing.

      I think this is the first time that PB enthusiasts have seen the marketing environment improve since the PowerSoft days.

      Congrats, and good luck Appeon!

      I will not have a problem recommending PB to our executive team now that I feel better about how the tool is being managed.

  • Good news for Powerbuilder developers and I am happy for that.. Hope, they release the Powerbuilder Roadmap soon..



  • Matt,

    I am very happy about this wonderful news.

    But as a German, I feel also sad, that SAP was not able to see that PowerBuilder could have been a very good tool for it´s company, it´s customers and it´s consultants. A very good tool used by a very professional community all around the world.

    Even if the world has changed in between and MS .Net has become very powerful and reliable, I still believe that there is a place for new PowerBuilder projects especially in connection with an by the market accepted pricing of Armeen´s / Appeon´s environment.

    Thank you and Armeen Mazda and all others so much who were engaged to make this day come true!

    Gerd Scheltwort

    • You should be proud (as a German) that SAP has finally come to a solid, well thought out and researched decision (in my opinion).  My take on this is that SAP is not a software tools company and really does not have the procedures and policies in place to effectively improve PowerBuilder.

      The previous attempts at ‘shoe horning’ in PB into some other SAP platform did not seem to be well thought out.  Even when Vershal wanted to do something with PB, without allocating budget to do so, that desire never prevailed.

  • what exactly does this mean?

    a) PB stays the same, we pay our licenses to Appeon? or SAP?

    b) or PB becomes integrated/mandatory with appeon, and our license fees increase?

    • It is not yet decided how we will slice and dice editions and corresponding pricing, but Appeon will do everything in its power to make sure there is at least one edition that is same price or lower than today’s list price. 

      Based on Bruce Armstrong’s write-up SAP intends to have PB distributed/sold by Appeon and partners rather than SAP directly.  The benefit of this is Appeon will have more flexibility than before to talk about roadmaps, provide beta versions to customers, etc.

      • In my opinion, one of the key problems of the lack of share market of PowerBuilder is the absense of variety of versions and appropriate prices for each version. I think “at least one edition at the same price” will not improve regarding this matter.

        • Understood.  We hope we will be able to do as you outlined.  My comment was painting a conservative scenario to address fears from some existing customers.

    • Hi Gimmy;

        AFAIK, SAP has not delivered a signed contract to Appeon for PB and the “drop dead” date for the deal is fast approaching. I sure hope that this was not another Sue Dunnell “soon” smoke-and-mirrors play by SAP last May.   🙁

      Regards … Chris

      • Hey Chris,

        I don’t know where you heard about a drop dead date, but you might want to check with  your sources.  My understanding that if there is one (I don’t know if there is one), that it couldn’t be until at least end of Q1 next year.  It seems that only HANA is fast at sap, or at least fast in comparison to the rest of sap…

        • My understanding that if there is one (I don’t know if there is one), that it couldn’t be until at least end of Q1 next year.

          That’s my understanding as well.

          • If that’s the case … we might as well all pack up our PB bags and head home as there won’t be any customers left. Its already a PB Desert out there now and getting drier PB wise. 

        • Hi Mike;

            Dirk mentioned it in his speech that there was a finite date to make this agreement happen and that is was within the summer timeframe. So hopefully, SAP does not drag this on too long and miss the agreement because of this. Its already starting August and no news yet.   🙁

          Regards … Chris

          • Yes, I was there too making notes.   In fact, this was one of the questions asked in the Q&A session on how long the agreement would take. Dirk then mentioned that there was a time limit on the current letter of understanding signed by both BOD’s and he needed to act fast. He then mentioned that he already had a “team” working on it due to these limitations.

          • Thank you both for the information!
            So no one recorded the session we will never know what Dirk really said and what he meant with it.

            Please stop this thread now and let’s move on.
            (And please don’t answer to this 😉 )

          • Dirk specifically asked the audience not to record his presentation because then he would not be able to speak freely about SAP’s plan with PowerBuilder due to legal constraints. But the message was clear. SAP is handing down PowerBuilder to Appeon. They just have to follow legal work to get the best possible agreement.

            It’s been almost three months since Dirk’s presentation and we are anxious to receive news about the agreement, but three months is a short time for legal work. So we have to be patient and use this time to express Appeon what we want to be included in the new version of PowerBuilder.

    • I was digging around for news/updates on this last night and didn’t turn up anything, other than the announcement that was given at the conference.

      • /
        • PB is in this kind of “superposition” for long. In the past, the cat would show its head briefly and when every one thinks it is alive, some one will put it back into the box for a long time.

          This time, it was promising that the cat will come out of the box alive and start kicking; hope the vial not broken. Any one had a chance to peek into the box?

  • Has anyone heard about the PB / Appeon relationship? I’ve been hoping something comes of it.

    Would you believe that I’ve NEVER used Appeon and have been around PB for a long – long time? My contract just ended and I’m going to take some time to experiment with Appeon (if possible).

    Is Appeon something that can be played with without a license? I’ve got a legal copy of PB 10.5 and thought I had an NFR PB 11 but it stopped working so maybe it was only one year. Does anyone know if there are Amazon instances with Appeon already installed, a trial version suppose I can search around and see wanted to ask about this though.



    • Hi Rich;

      Q1:  Has anyone heard about the PB / Appeon relationship?

      A1:  Very, very soon.   😉

      Q2: Is Appeon something that can be played with without a license?

      A2: No, you need a license to activate the Appeon Server part of the product (either Web or Mobile). However, you can get a free trial download and 30 day license …  click here    🙂


      Regards … Chris