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Number of places for rounding in depreciation calculation

The number of places for rounding in depreciation calculation is controlled by field T093B-RUNDEN.

But there is no place/standard transaction for customizing this field.

Usually, we customzing the round by transaction code OAYO.

For field T093B-RUNDEN, it  is a derived field and will be automatically filled.

Hence, for one who want to change it, need to be done by addon program or change it directly in debug mode.

Just for information, there is a field “number of place” in t-cd: AFAMA for depreciation key. It can be used for some specified depreciation key for the depreciation percentage.

For further details, please check the F1 help document of the field like below:


You enter a number of places here for rounding the percentage rates the system determines internally. The value is interpreted so that numbers are rounded to the number of decimal places that you enter here.


Example 1 (technical):
Perc. rate: 14.25%
No. of places: 1
14.25% -> 0.1425 -> rounding: 0.1 -> 10.0%

Example 2 (practical):
In Japan, the law requires calculating depreciation using three decimal places. Percentage rates that do not have three decimal places are rounded accordingly.
Straight line depreciation is assumed.

UL (years) % rounded
5 0.2 0.2
6 0.166666666 0.167
7 0.142857142 0.143

The standard setting for this field is 0. When you enter 0, the the system calculates as before, with 10 decimal places. For keys that do not have to be rounded, it is only necessary to maintain them if you previously entered a number of places for rounding.


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  • Hi colleagues,

    In ERP world, this should be controlled by the field of controlled by the field “No. of places” in the app “Depreciation Key: Display Details”.

    best regards,