Social media tools are becoming increasingly real-time—From Facebook, to Instagram, to Snapchat.

And now there is Periscope.

Periscope takes real-time to a new level, allowing anyone to share a live broadcast of their life. By default, the broadcast is public, and anyone can hop on, ask questions, or tap the screen to send hearts of appreciation.  It’s authentic, it’s unscripted, and with 1 million users within in the first 10 days of launch, it looks like it is here to stay.

For the past week, my co-worker, Jamaila Holder, and I, have been using Periscope to provide coverage of SAPPHIRE NOW, SAP’s largest annual event on the LifeatSAP channel. Here’s a list of our top ideas on how to use Periscope at such a conference:

  1. Mad dash through showroom floor – One of our most successful broadcasts was just us running from booth to booth, grabbing food, drinks, and swag, while talking with the different vendors.  If you really want to get creative, try playing “bigger vs better” where you start with a penny, and offer to trade it for something bigger or better. At each booth, try to upgrade your item, until you have something massively oversized or ridiculously cool.  You can also take an executive with you on the booth run, for some Billy on the Street action.
  2. Product demos – For those who can’t attend your event in person, give them an inside look at some of the best showroom demos. Keep in mind that the Internet has an extremely short attention span, so try and keep it under 5 minutes. We gave one of our presenters a 5 minute limit and ended up with 20 minutes of content, so be warned!
  3. Exclusive, interactive interviews – Periscope is a perfect platform for your leaders to interact with a large, often younger audience.
  4. Social listening – Find fun ways to interact with your attendees. If you have a hashtag for your conference, try tracking down the most active participants, find out what they like, and surprise them with a personalized gift—Perhaps the latest gadget, or a signed book from one of your speakers. A great example of this is when Taylor Swift surprised her Twitter followers with Christmas gifts. Periscope the gift-giving experience.
  5. Just be random- Really, just figure out whatever’s popular on YouTube, and periscope a similar thing at your conference.  Broadcast an epic rap battle on your showroom floor, attach a camera to a robot that roams the floor, have a scavenger hunt for key conference-related items, have a roaming quiz show with participants, etc. Our random ideas were some of our best ones, but be fore-warned that people often have no idea how to react to people rushing up and interacting with them on camera, and many times our explanations just led to more questions.

Logistically, keep in mind that you’ll need a stable internet connection, will have the occasional off-topic or inappropriate comment come through, and that you’re bound to have a few live, on-air hiccups. But you also have the chance to reach new audiences and share your message in a new medium.

What ideas do you have? Share your thoughts!

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