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Background Processing of Dunning

Background processing of Dunning-

Dunning can be processed automatically in background which can be scheduled daily,monthly,weekly or yearly.
SAP provides a standard program RF150SMS which can be used to schedule Dunning run.
The steps to be followed are :

1.) Create a template in F150 specifying all the details i.e.  Run Date, ID, Company Code and Customer numbers, Documents posted upto and Dunning Date and save it without scheduling.

2.) Call program RF150SMS furnishing the details same as mentioned in F150 template also checkbox on field Copy Parameters and dynamic target date calculation as the date same as program run date.. Checkbox on With Dunning Printout with printer name as LP01.

3.) Save the program variant with suitable name and description, checkbox on Only for background processing. In Dynamic Target Date Calculation use Selection Variant as D- Dynamic Date Calculation and Name of the variable as Current Date (you can also use another mentioned in the inputs given according to your requirement).

4.) Again Call RF150SMS, click on Background tab and call the saved variant.

5.) Click on Schedule Tab Enter Job name,Start date and Time from which and on which you want to schedule it periodically then click on schedule periodically and use the required period interval lets take as Days (for daily processing) and fill the number of days. Click on Tick.

The Dunning gets scheduled for daily job.

Job status can be checked in SM37.

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