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Top 10 Facts About SAP “Boardroom Redefined” SAPPHIRENOW Showcase & Video Demo

Untitled.pngToday at SAPPHIRENOW 2015 Professor Hasso Plattner took the keynote stage and challenged the audience to redefine how they make business decisions that will impact their ability to grow and lead in the digital economy.

The main topic of his address was the idea of the Boardroom of the Future. He gave an overview of the internal co-innovation project and encouraged event attendees to experience a next generation enterprise “Boardroom Redefined” showcase at the event. In addition to the showcase, Mike Crowe, Chief Information Officer at Colgate-Palmolive Company, took the keynote stage to give a talk about their ‘Business Review of the Future Co-Innovation Protoype’ and Mike gave a demo of their solutions that runs on SAP HANA.

The Boardroom Redefined showcase offers a contextualized boardroom experiences that connects people, places and devices into a real-time enterprise experience. Powered by SAP S/4HANA, it understands the past, predicts the future, and drives execution. This next generation solution empowers leaders to monitor, simulate and drive change in a digital economy.

Watch the overview video demo to see how this showcase enables leaders to monitor, simulate and drive change in the digital economy.

There was overwhelming interest in this topic and incredible amounts of visitors to the showcase. Here are the top 10 facts about the SAP Boardroom Redefined SAPPHIRE showcase.

Q: Is the “Boardroom Redefined” a product available for purchase?
The Boardroom Redefined
shown at SAPPHIRE 2015 is a prototype showcase outlining our product vision. We are planning a product release by EOY 2015.

Q: What SAP products are used in the “Boardroom Redefined”?
Embedded in this boardroom experience are the products “SAP Smart Business, executive edition” for the dashboard capabilities and “SAP Cloud for Planning” for simulation models – both products are available today. The exploration capabilities are supported by the Insights Application which is a prototype (originally shown at the launch of SAP S/4HANA in Feb 2015). The shown content comes directly from the on-premise version of “SAP Business Suite 4 HANA (S/4HANA)”.

Q: Does the “Boardroom Redefined” run on SAP Simple Finance?
The financial content comes directly of the operational data from SAP Simple Finance.

Q: Does the “Boardroom Redefined” run on SAP S/4HANA?
The Boardroom Redefined is pre-configured to natively include SAP S/4HANA content.

Q: Does the “Boardroom Redefined” work with SAP HANA, enterprise cloud?
The Boardroom Redefined is an XS application that can run on any SAP HANA instance – including the SAP HANA, enterprise cloud.

Q: Does the “Boardroom Redefined” necessarily require a customer to run SAP HANA?
Yes, the application runs on SAP HANA and connects to SAP HANA platform content.

Q: Did you develop “Boardroom Redefined” in co-operation with customers?
The Boardroom Redefined is the result of co-innovation with customers from the consumer products and engineering sector. Our product vision takes the results of this cooperation and takes it to the next level.

Q: Is SAP using the “Boardroom Redefined” internally?
The prototype was built with the objective to set this live at SAP. We want to provide our Executive Board with an agile experience and plan to go live with our installation in Walldorf, Potsdam and Newtown Square. We are planning to invite our customers to visit later this year.

Q: Where is the strength of SAP HANA featured in the “Boardroom Redefined”?
The underlying SAP HANA platform is at the core of enabling the new boardroom experience. Every number and graph we see is directly calculated off transactional data. Therefore within seconds we are always looking at latest numbers and have a very simple system landscape. The line item based reporting also enables the freedom for exploration and simulations.

Q: Which features are enabled by the new Universal Journal from SAP Simple Finance?
A:  The new Universal Journal combines powerful analytical capabilities with live transactional data. In the Boardroom Redefined most financial key figures we see in the middle screen are based on the Universal Journal. The combined power can be seen on the middle screen of the application. There we can explore the latest account bookings based on a large variety of dimensions down to accounting document level.

If you have further questions, please post below and the team will respond.

Replay of Boardroom Redefined Keynote

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