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SMP 3.0 SP07 WPF Client Communication Error (14)

I  installed SMP 3.0 SP07 directly and installed SAP Work Manager 6.2/6.1 and are trying to connect the WPF Client to the Work Manager might face a problem with the message communication error(14). You might have followed all the steps and the address https://fqdn:8081/SAPWM returns an “I am here!” message and still wondering why client is not connecting though the certificates are in place.

Refer to the documentation standard SAP Documentation – HTTPS Connection Problem – Administration Overview – SAP Library

1. I tried connecting my WPF Client and it would not even hit the SMP 3.0 Server. I started SMP 3.0 (using go.bat) to view the connections hitting the Server and it would not hit the SMP 3.0 Server.

I was puzzled. I went through the SAP NOTES related to communication error (14) diligently ensured that all the steps were followed and nothing was missed.

Possible Solution

As indicated by the above standard documentation. The SMP server  has changed the default security parameters for the HTTPS connection on port 8081 to only use TLS v1.2.  Only problem is that neither the WPF client, or the WinMobile client support TLS v1.2. As a work around it is necessary to change the default tomcat settings to sslEnabledProtocols=”TLSv1.2,TLSv1.1,TLSv1″ and then restart SMP 3.0 (the file to be changed is described in the standard documentation link above).

This may not be a problem in iOS Clients (looks like they already supports TLSv1.2)

Also if you are upgrading from SP06 to SP07 it may not be a problem as the file will already have this entry as the TLS entries are not changed.

I hope all of you find this information useful.

An SAP NOTE was released for this issue 2150573 (thanks to my colleague Scott). Looking at the NOTE & the error messages customer gets without WPF Client hitting the Server it’s very hard to find that this NOTE actually fixes the issue.



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  • 1. You might notice that you are unable to edit the .xml file in the SMP Server. Sometimes when you install SMP the entire folder is marked as read-only make sure you uncheck read-only property. You should be able to edit the file.

    2. Also depending on the editor you are using open notepad++, notepad, wordpad etc… and run as Administrator when editing the file.

  • Thanks Muralidharan, this has actually solved my problem!

    For others who are facing the same issue note that you have to edit the default-server.xml in \MobilePlatform3\Server\config_master\org.eclipse.gemini.web.tomcat\.

    Like Muralidharan wrote just change the value of all three sslEnabledProtocols keys to “TLSv1.2,TLSv1.1,TLSv1