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A bit about BRFPlus

I want to write about the use of BRFPlus in CHARM and daily issues we faced, I had performed these implementations in SOLMAN 7.1 SP12. My attention is towards writing about common issues we faced and how to perform this for CHARM so I will not touch the very details for how tos as its already covered.

  1. Step by Step guide for charm

Create a charm PPF action in ZMCR_ACTION profile or customer relevant namespace as shown below


Important here is to include the method AI_SDK_DETERMINE_SUPPORT_TEAM


Now you need to input the Parameters in processing parameters change


Here define the partner function you want to determine automatically using the BRFplus, I had define the Sold to party, you can define the change manager, change advisory board etc based on your requirement




Similarly you need to define the application id and function id that you will get from the BRFPLUS application you will create


Make the settings for application id and function id as





Decision tree define as


For more information how to use BRFplus check below

Important: if you are defining determination using the category then it will take the last category filled so create your BRFplus rule accordingly. For example :- If you had define the three level category it will take third one’s id and map it with the partner function you had defined and you may need to remove the predefined determination in parter determination using SPRO.

Similarly team determination based on priority can be done , you need to take care the decision tree as below


If the requirement is to define the team and send an email also then you may need to change the processing time for the team determination function as “Immediate processing” also make the actions merging accordingly


Similarly you can determine the teams based on available fields in function Support Team.

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  • Hello. I have several questions.

    1. Do you use standart function SUPPORT_TEAM if you determine sold to party 00000001?
    2. I copy support_team to Z*. And I recieve error if I determine sold_to_party: