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XI SRM SERVER IC 7.13 Content – Changes comparing to previous versions

In the Service Market Place, there is no XI Content SRM SERVER IC 7.13 to download:

no IC.png

It is possible to find only the  XI Content SRM SERVER 7.13:

SRM SERVER 7.13.png

XI SRM SERVER IC is not separated from EHP3. The content which was previously in XI SRM SERVER IC is now included in XI SRM SERVER. It is just required to install the XI CONTENT SRM SERVER 7.13.


In some cases the SRM SERVER 7.13 content refers to objects which are included in SRM SERVER 7.02 or SRM SERVER IC 7.02. Some message  will be displayed as per example:

“Source message Message Type: SupplierPortalTradingPartner does not exist in software component version SRM SERVER 7.02. Check whether software component version SRM SERVER 7.02 is in the Enterprise Services Repository. Import this or a newer version if necessary.”

In this case the solution is install these contents as well, the SRM SERVER 7.02 and SRM SERVER IC 7.02.

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  • Thanks Rafael, are the objects missing from 7.13 (which can be found by 7.2) by design or will this eventually be fixed?

    • Hi Katie,

      No, it is not something that will be fixed, Actually there are some objects that are cross-referenced from different contents.

      • Thanks Rafael, I was wondering if the objects missing from 7.13 that are found in 7.2 were a mistake in the release of 7.13 or should we expect to find objects in older versions going forward? It would seem that everything should be in 7.13.

        Thanks again,