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Missing ST03 Data due to Timezone Issues

Since release 700, the SAP_COLLECTOR_FOR_PERFMONITOR job requires the timezone settings on your system to be correct.  If there are timezone setting problems on your system, then you may be missing data in ST03 or the ST03 stats may be always a couple of days behind.  Transaction STAD is also effected by missing data if the timezone or DST setting is a problem.

Your timezone and (if applicable) Daylight Savings Time must be set correctly on both OS level and on SAP.

The SAP_COLLECTOR_FOR_PERFMONITOR job should be running in client 000 so to check your timezone you should go to transaction STZAC in client 000.  Make sure that the “System Time Zone” setting here is correct.

Another useful report is TZCUSTHELP, which also needs to be run in client 000.  When you run TZCUSTHELP you can enter your own current date, time and timezone.  Then you are presented with a report which should say “System time zone seems to be correct”.


Daylight Savings Time settings are maintained in transaction STZBC and the rules defined here vary from country to country.  For example, the USA adjusted the DST change for the country by a couple of weeks in 2007 for all future years.  This change needed to be made in SAP as described in note 919538:

  • 919538 – Daylight saving time start/end in USA and Canada as of 2007

Without the correct DST rule setting, SAP systems in the USA for those releases would be missing ST03 data for the couple of weeks that the DST change in the country was in effect.  Changes such as these happen in other countries, and can therefore effect the time and timezone settings of the SAP system there, which can in turn effect the ST03 data.  Make sure your DST rules are always setup correctly for your countries timezone  For example:

  • 2126354 – No daylight saving time in Chile from year 2015 onwards
  • 2055935 – Russia: End of permanent daylight saving time and start of permanent
  • 1839444 – Daylight saving time in Morocco in 2013 and following years
  • 1458775 – Daylight saving time in Israel (2012 – 2015)

Also see the KBA note 1841468 which provides further detail on this:

  • 1841468 – Missing ST03 Data after DST Timezone Change

After you fix any timezone settings in your system, allow the collector to run for some time (up to 24 hours).

More information and troubleshooting guides (including this one) on the BC-CCM-MON area are available in the CCMS Wiki space at:

Computing Center Management System (CCMS) – Technology Troubleshooting Guide – SCN Wiki

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