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Marketing Performance Management Services Fully Managed by SAP powered by HANA

The marketing performance management services from SAP provide an amazing opportunity to help the Marketing line of business (LOB) for consumer products companies. These marketing specific services enable consumer product companies to understand and speak the language of their end users. This insight provides them with the power to better meet consumer needs, and to ultimately grow their market share.

SAP has launched comprehensive set of fully managed services to address the marketing LOB. These services consolidate SAP´s solutions for marketing and enable the marketers at consumer product companies to analyze their market share by geography, brands, categories and many other dimensions. These services also help marketers understand their unique customer’s needs, sense and plan enticing trade promotions, shaping them and to manage / optimize their promotions.

One flagship customer, Beiersdorf (maker of ´Nivea´ skin cream and many more hygiene products), has already gone live with one of these services for analyzing their global market share information. The service they used was the Implementation of Global Market Share for Marketing Performance Management. It is so critical to their business that the CMO’s office uses it every day to facilitate their decision making process. It enables Beiersdorf to analyze their market share in real-time and make decisions in real-time to maintain leadership in their segment. Beirsdorf even won a ´HANA quality award´ from SAP based on the marketing performance management solution SAP Services helped them implement. Forbes article below on how Beiersdorf leverages this solution in their skin care business , wonderfully articulates the relevence of this service here : SAPVoice: How Beiersdorf Gains Better Insight Into The Skin Care Market – Forbes

Marketing Performance Management services can be deployed in the cloud as well as on premise environment, depending on the customer’s requirements. These services can also help manage third party market data (from vendors like Nielson) which companies may want to analyse.

These services empower customers with the real-time analytics capabilities of HANA and they can be used in conjunction with underlying SAP applications, such as Demand Signal Management (DSiM), Trade Promotion and Optimization (TPO), Fiori, Business Objects dashboard, and BW on HANA.

Engaging directly with the marketing leaders (instead of IT) provides an opportunity for you to sell the value of our services directly to those who will benefit most from them. One approach which can be effective is to sell a marketing performance service, essentially offering a ´try before you buy´ service (being built currently ) to let customers get a first-hand feeling of what can be achieved.

Delivery of a value assessment often leads to implementation opportunities to help customers achieve specific marketing outcomes. SAP also offers run services (available) which help customers optimize and maintain their solution once they’ve been using it for a while.

For more information about some the services you can start positioning today to CMOs, check out the following suggested offerings:

  1. Value assessment Service for evaluating the business case
  2. Global Market Share analysis service for actionable insights and gaining higher market share
  3. Trade Promotion & Sensing Service for targeted, context based promotions for reaching out to wide set of consumers.
  4. Try Before you Buy service for getting an impression of the possible outcome, for forming your own opinion .

For further assistance, or to discuss potential customer opportunities, please contact the Service Offering Manager Harsha Bhat (

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