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16.5 SP05 PL01 is now available! An official post from the PDNN (PowerDesigner News Network)

Howdy designers,

It has come to my attention that the SP05 PL01 is now available to download!  If you’ve already made the upgrade to 16.5 SP05, please stop reading this, go download it at, under Packages and Patches, and then come back and finish reading this while it’s downloading the 256MB file.  Go ahead, I’ll wait.

If you haven’t upgraded to SP05, I suggest you give it try and then apply the PL01 patch.  If you missed my last blog on the many amazing features of SP05, you can read it here:

SPO5 is Alive!

As always, do your research, and consult your doctor about any side effects, before applying any updates.  And without further ado, here’s the fixes you’ll find in this release.

   EBFID   BugID          Description
   —–   ————   ———————————————
   24614   783346   reuse:failed to get reuse objects, reuse dropdown list is empty

   24614   783343   bpmn2 file does not import

   24614   783280   Property: diagram count of composite process is wrong

   24614   783258   Property: cannot display property of new created symbol with error in console

   24614   782996   Version order not corrent above 10

   24614   782930   at the model property sheet through PDweb in repository browser.  Number of children wrong

   24614   782879   model consolidated with proxy does not have Ext Att visible on PDWeb

   24614   782877   import erwin model from bug model you get no color and position and size are wrong

   24614   782802   HanaSP08 : set source= “NULL” for Virtual tables using Hana “NULL” remote source

   24614   782748   when request a model prop sheet, you have no indication during coll computation

   24614   782308   DS: import broken with exception

   24614   781147   with group having some users as member when you look a group content , click on one user and go back users doubled

   24614   781040   DS: export failed by some words are not translated in xem in AMC

   24614   781025   DS: import error in AMC at some case

   24614   781020   DS: check model pop up error for “Database Output” is not translated in AMC

   24614   777413   VersionCompare: Failed to get create action between two integrated versions

   24614   773282   Product: PowerDesigner 16.5 SP02 PL04 (also reproduced with PD 16.5 SP04 PL01)

                               OS: Windows 7- 32 bit
                               Repository used for repro: SQL Anywhere 16
                               Description:  When create an specific user permission profile to limit to users the access to some objects of PDM, the reverse

                               engineering does not work with that setting.

I wish I had more to share with all of you, but sometimes it’s better to keep it short and sweet, like a mini gummy bear.  They’re so much shorter than regular gummy bears.  Not sure if they’re sweeter though.  


Anyways, time to get back to work, or head outside and enjoy the spring weather, which is what I want to after posting this blog.

Until next time,


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  • Sorry for the “stupid” question, but I’ve been asked to install the latest version of PowerDesigner for a client and I’m looking for the s/w on SAP’s site.  Does the current installation located at Installations and Upgrades – P” SYBASE POWERDESIGNER” SYBASE POWERDESIGNER 16.5 include the latest patch, or do I need to install and then patch it with the SP05 PL01 update?

    Also I notice there is a “SYBASE POWERDESIGNER 16.5” and “SYBASE POWERDESIGNER SE 16.5”.  What is the difference?

  • Hello Arnaud,

    Thank you for your blog, I am so excited about this. But I could not find where to buy this product. I found only one website that is in Germerny. Could I buy it somewhere in the U.S. ? I want to buy the DataArchitect/DM (standalone seat). Thank you very much.