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#wearenotsheep – equal training for sf customers and partners

this is a RANT. so the thoughts WILL NOT be coherent 😈

where do i start? well at the beginning. there are customers out there that have created sap hcm coes and are highly functioning members of the sap ecosystem. these customers have invested in their hcm on-premise from both a product and employee perspective. smart; hardworking employees. fast forward and sap buys sf. they then sell companies on the idea that they must move to sf to get the best and newest. so many companies, been sap shops decide this is the best step forward

so sap shops buy sf and then the fun begins. what sf did not tell them is that in addition to renting software for life, they have to rent “professional services” for life too. WOW. what a shock to the system. a double whammy. getting it from both ends so to speak.

so customers start reading. in sf there are 2 sides to “configuring” the system. provisioning and client admin. some of the foremost “experts” swear that provisioning is nothing more than “switch framework” in SAP to switch on functionality. b***sh**. the customer is not that dumb. especially when said customer has implemented some modules using a “partner” and “partner” saying “sorry, that is done in provisioning and we have to do it”. and the list goes on. i now have to pay x dollars per hour for a task just because sf says so

even the main certification chick, in one of her comments clearly stated “certification is not for customers” or as i like to call us “sheep”. sheep you see are stupid and cannot do the job.

one customer, bless his heart, is brave enough to speak up. where are all the other SF customers? oh that is right they are been moved into their pens. this customer asks a great question. one of his employees used to work for a partner and used to have “provisioning” access. after joining the company as an employee said access disappeared. so he went from been a sheep herder to a sheep and sf acted accordingly.

what is also really pi**ing me off is the fact that every tells the “sheep”. just wait one more year and then we will let you become herders. one year becomes too etc.

the reasons are great too. sorry we cannot see what functionality you have switched on in your system. we can see how many employee records but sorry. also we do not have enough developers.

the real reason is so that the sheep will carry on paying the sheep herders.

let us unite and fight back. power to the “sheep”

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      Author's profile photo Luke Marson
      Luke Marson

      SAP are currently in the process of re-working training for partners, which I guess you haven't seen otherwise you wouldn't have written this rant. If you are expecting SAP to create training for customers before partners then you are living in a fantasy world.

      Expect SAP to move towards opening training for customers once they finished re-working their partner training and re-worked Provisioning to be more structured and access-controlled by subscription. Without infinite budget and resources, SAP - like any company that has to maintain budgets and cash flow - will need time to work towards these goals.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      as always you MISSED the obvious in this RANT 😈 the RANT is to make customers and partners equal. just because someone works for a partner does it make them smarter / harder working than someone working for a customer. that is the essence of the RANT. we want to be treated equal. and guess what Luke - without customers SF DOES NOT EXIST

      Author's profile photo Luke Marson
      Luke Marson

      And they will be treated equal, but this rant essentially wants SAP to do it immediately with no consideration to reality. SAP need time and investment to make this happen and they are already working very hard on overhauling the certification program. Patience is required 😉

      Author's profile photo Christopher Solomon
      Christopher Solomon

      Pretty good rant, Howard and not with merit! I can see/read/hear your pain and it makes sense.

      Not to make excuses though, I think SAP (and other companies with similar products) as well as their partners are still trying to work out this business model and what makes sense. I think the mindset (and wrong in many ways) is that it truly is SOFTWARE as a service. So much like in days of old when a company was paying for Microsoft Windows licenses and then expecting MS developers to handle any creation of new functionality and "bug" fixes while their own "MS admins" just made sure the "switches" were all set correctly (users, authorization and "fun" stuff like email settings and what not), I believe the thinking was that it would all work out very similarly in today's world....which you and I both know is not quite "apples-to-apples".

      The main thing is that these companies best get their "stuff" together QUICK else they will be alienating more customers and hearing more than just simple rants like yours.....the rumble will become a roar. 😉