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CRM Support@SAP

A) Customer enablement to resolve Issue through SAP documentation

Why Create Incidents when the Solution to your Issues may already exist, be documented and ready for you!

You require assistance from SAP Support, but you don’t know the contact details or how to contact your local Customer Interaction Center?? 😕

Refer Note 560499 – Global Support Customer Interaction: Telephone/e-mail


#. SAP CRM Help Portal Page

 #. CRM Marketing Documentation:

#. Other CRM area Documentation:

#. Using Advanced Note Search Tool (ANST)

ANST is very useful where you need a quick solution; For more information please refer to KBA Notes 1818192 and 1909768. 

#. Using Performance Assistant Note and KBAS Search (PANKS)

Whenever you get an error message, the Performance Assistant is there to help you.


B) Contact SAP for Support via Incident (Support with Incident)

In case you don’t find any resolution from the above Knowledge Content, or you find a Bug or Critical issue, Please follow the below steps to get Prompt and Better Support from SAP.!!

Ensure Mandatory Checklist before sending the New Incidents to SAP:

        1. Have you provided any of below inputs to replicate the issue as Attachment
            • Step-By-Step Document
            • Screenshots or Snapshot
            • ST22 Dump File
            • Any Technical Analysis
        2. Can SAP access System Connections, such as R/3 and HTTPs Connect (Backend & WUI Connection)?
        3. If Credentials are updated in the ‘Secure Area’ with minimum 1-week validity.
        4. Provide Contact Details of “Point of Contact” for discussing the issue.
        5. Are you sure if you have NOT missed the Attachment; If so please send the attachment Via ‘Info to SAP’??
        6. Provide access to Basis Transactions; such as SNOTE, SU3, SE37, SE38, SE91 etc to Replicate and Debug the issue.


1) Which Business Role?

        • Let us know the Business Role for which the issue occurs.
        • Test the issue with Standard MKT-PRO role and with then with Z*-Business Role.
        • Please ensure the Logon USER has access to the relevant Business Role and update credentials in Secure Area

2) If the issue is due to the Enhancements?

        • If issue can be reproduced switching off the Customer Enhancements WCF_IGNORE_ENHANCEMT’ = A as explained in SAP Note 1311966
        • This can quickly determine if the root cause of an issue is caused by Customer enhancements/ Customizing or standard SAP delivery!



3) Please ensure below Connections are available for Replication:

        • R/3 Support: Backend System access
        • HTTP Connect: CRM Web-UI access
        • Alternative:Window Terminal Server’ to access remotely to CRM system


If having problems in establishing the connection, Please follow the Notes 592085, 812732, 605795 and ask your Basis team to establish the connection.

Else Send the incident to SAP Network Team in ‘XX-SER-NET’ component.


4) Production System, Go-Live in next 7 days and Very High Priority is requested?

      1. Please refer the Notes 67739 and 1576685 carefully
      2. An incident should be categorized with the priority “Very High” caused by the following circumstances (Refer Note 67739):
        • A productive system is completely down.
        • The imminent system go-live or upgrade of a production system can’t be completed.
        • The customer’s core business processes are seriously affected.
        • And for each circumstance a workaround is not available
      3. If issue is in NON- Production environment, the Priority will be reduced to HIGH

5) Provide us the BBPCRM CRM Release Information?

      • Code Correction are released as SAP Notes and then included in the next version of BBPCRM so this can determine if a particular fix is already included in your system or not!
      • To find the BBPCRM version go the Backend CRM system and select System -> Status and click on details as below:


      • Scroll Down to find the BBPCRM as shown below:



6) For Screen Sharing Session with SAP, Please use ‘GoTo Assist‘, Refer note 2026090.

        • Support Engineers are not allowed to use Lync, WebEx, or any other software for screen sharing for Data Protection & Security Reasons!
        • We therefore, request you to use ‘GoToAssist’ for any screen sharing with the SAP or vice versa.


Above information helps SAP to analyze incident without delay thereby ensuring prompt resolution 🙂

PS: Your feedback is important to us for improving this space and content!

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  • Hi,

    Last time I checked, mobile app ‘SAP Support desk’ couldn’t be used for customers with with “standard” support contract: that could be worth mentioning. Plus, I would add that doing your homework (searching for notes, scn, etc.) and writing the best customer incident won’t be vain only once every 10 incidents… because to be honest whatever you do there’s a better chance you’ll end here:

    Just for fun… a day in my life 😉