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Steve vs John – SAPPHIRE Stepdown

When the folks at Lenovo came to me to ask about a collaboration for SAPPHIRE, I immediately wanted to tell a story. Not all that many people know, but Lenovo acquired Motorola at the end of last year from Google, so they have a pretty cool collection of products. They told me I could have my pick of their product line, so I went to town!

We wanted to tell a story about healthcare – so we paired up the Moto 360 smart watch and the Moto X phone, and with the programming skills of Brenton O’Callaghan and DJ Adams we integrated this into Google Fit and SAP HANA. To add to it, we built a model based on the H.860 Multimedia e-health data exchange service and integrated this into SAP HANA Core Data Services.

Not stopping there, they wrote a Fiori-like dashboard for patient services, to monitor the health of individuals wearing the watches. More on this later!

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 10.03.16 AM.png

And because this is Lenovo, we integrated it into a HANA HA cluster on the SAPPHIRE show floor with the HANA firewall. You can head over to see them if you like, and they’ll pull the plug on one of the systems during the conference.

I don’t know about you, but I go through a ton of steps during SAPPHIRE, it’s insane. One conference I did over 20 miles in one day. So I thought… why not turn this into a competition? We could see who did the most steps in one day!

And who better to have a competition with than Steve Lucas? He works out every day and will be running around SAPPHIRE too. So I dropped Steve a note, and challenged him to a SAPPHIRE stepdown.

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 10.06.31 AM.png

So here we go… because I know I’m going to win, I gave Steve a 3000 step head start by wearing his watch from the conference hotel in the morning. I’m nice like that. David Suh from Lenovo has joined in too!

So with that – let the fittest man win! Oh – one last thing – here are the live stats!

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