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SAP Resolve – The Service Desk for Partners reinvented

re·solve (riˈzälv,-ˈzôlv)

Verb: settle or find a solution to (a problem, dispute, or contentious matter). “SAP aims to resolve the problem within hours”

Synonyms:  settle, sort out, solve, find a solution to, fix, straighten out, deal with, put right, put to rights, rectify;

Noun: firm determination to do something. “SAP’s unwavering resolve to provide the best support!”
Synonyms:  decision, resolution, commitment

As a small group Global Partner Support is facing a tremendous challenge. An ever-growing number of new Solution Extension and Hardware Partners have to be on boarded to SAP’s Support Infrastructure in a reasonable time frame. It is key to SAP’s success & vision of ‘Run Simple”, that customers have a seamless incident experience, also for partner solutions resold by SAP. The one place for all reported incidents has to be the SAP Support Portal –

Until recently partners had to install and configure a SAP Solution Manager with a Partner (ISV) Service Desk scenario at their side in order to exchange incidents with the SAP Support Backbone. The concept was developed during times when most partners came from the traditional SAP Eco System – Partners that developed ABAP-Add-ons for the SAP Business Suite. Back then installing, configuring and maintaining and another SAP System was quick and well accepted.

However SAP’s Eco System is changing. New partners in the mobile (e.g. Mocana) or big data space (e.g. Hortonworks) operate their complete business in the cloud. They are not used to maintain software themselves and demand a quick and simple on-boarding process from a cloud company like SAP.

Global Partner Support took on the challenge and within less than 4 months created on-demand multi-client version of the ISV Service Desk. It is called SAP Resolve – The Collaboration Inbox. On top the user interface for the partners was significantly simplified – from now on presenting the partners just with those options they really need.

SAP Resolve will be offered for a small subscription fee in parallel to the on premise version. For more information contact your partner manager within the Global Partner Support team or visit the SAP Resolve web page.

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