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Multi Plant Planning – Part 2 (Using Quota Arrangements)

Multi plant planning is a vast area which is conceptually strong and deep. This document is an attempt to present the key features with some examples and screenshots.

If you have missed Part 1, you can refer here: Multi Plant Planning – Part 1 (Production in Alternate Plant)

Part 2: Using Quota Arrangement

Quota arrangement is another way to split production into multiple plants. You can more than one production plant in case of Quota arrangement, as compared to production in alternate plant concept. In the planning plant, the quota usage needs to be set to 4 (as shown below – MRP2 View) to consider the MRP and Production Order details.

As per Quota settings, the minimum lot size is 500, which should exclude planned orders with 41 and 100.  The planned order 41 will anyway be excluded; as it’s outside the timeframe of quota settings.

The maximum lot size is 8000, which means planned order 9,900 cannot be completely processed in 6997.

Run MRP on plant 6000. The result in plant 6997 is as below:

Add one more plant

Now, let us add one more plant to the quota arrangement list. (Create master data in plant 6999)

Run MRP at plant 6000:

The quota maintained for 2 plants and the results are as below:

There are quite number of options possible with multi plant and quota arrangements. Hope the document covers many of the valid requirements in this area.



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  • Dear Prem,

    Thanks a lot for the document.

    As suggested in the document please check the issue which I am getting while processing this.

    I considered planning plant as production plant.

    The order quantity has already been split into 2 plant 1010 & 1020 in 50%, but it is still showing a planned order of 300 each.






    • Dear Amit,

      I guess you have done multiple activities here, which caused the issue.

      First of all, the Md04 shows exception 20 (Cancel process) for 1020 plant(2nd plant). I believe you have initially created the planned order in 1010 then rescheduled, then created quota.

      Also the quota needs to be maintained in planning plant only (not in 1020). The same with MM02 settings.

      You should try doing scenario-by-scenario to clear the concept and do not fill each field in quota to start with.



      • Hi Prem,

             Really nice document. As i understood from your document that if capacity limit is exceed in one plant then the planned order will generate in another plant by setting the ‘maximum relative qty’ for a planning plant. Alternatively, we can set the priority of the plant too. I just want to know that is there any option to decide the production plant and qty once received the Sales Order without any of this minimum/maximum lot size qty as well percentage value against plants? Because there is no fixed rule/procedure for deciding production plant as well splitting qty. It will be dynamic. Could you please suggest how to map this process in SAP?

        * Additionally, i didn’t find the SPK ’91’ instead i found SPK ’80’ for ‘Production in Alternative Plant’. Whether SPK ’91’ is SAP’s standard SPK?


        • Dear Sankar,

          Firstly, Thanks for going through both docs and giving your feedback.

          SPK91 I have created. I have mentioned the config node in 1st doc, where you can create codes.

          Coming to your query – Quota works based on predefined logic only. It can also work if you have many products and each plant is product specific. If all plants produce same product, then another option is based on validity date, or user control.



  • Dear Prem,

    Thanks for the document.

    What if we use Quota arrangement for strategy 25 (Make-to-order for configurable material) ?

    It is not splitting the order quantity.



  • Dear Prem,

    Excellent document.

    What do you recommend for the next scenario?

    • We have a planning plant and a production plant, and our stocks source is the planning plant warehouse for both plants.
    • Products in both plants are completely different, but share some materials between BOMs as packages and other stuff.
    • We require transfer materials between plants during the MRP run.

    In order to solve our problem we consider implement Multi-Plant Planning, Is it the best solution?



    • Dear Emmanuel,

      I suggest you take this issue as a separate query in SCN.

      In your case, the products are different and BOM items are common. So, both plants produce different materials altogether. If they are physically together (planning plant is logical plant), then you can use special procurement key feature to avoid plant-to-plant transfer activity. If the plants are physically separate, then it’s an STO scenario where plant to plant transfer of stocks based on MRP is required. However, i don’t think it has anything to do with product planning.