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Introducing SAP Digital for Customer Engagement

Remember that line from the movie Moneyball, “If you challenge conventional wisdom, you will find ways to do things much better than they are currently done”.


That’s the exact thought that crossed my mind when I was on a flight from Frankfurt to San Francisco. Moneyball taught me two things – it made me more knowledgeable of baseball (something I should have known by now according to my American friends) and second it drove home the point, why you will not get different results if you try to do the same thing over and over again.

If you are in Silicon Valley in 2015, you know that the ground beneath our feet is shifting where Enterprise software is undergoing a massive transformation. Several trends can be observed –individual users are trying before deciding to buy enterprise software. They are able to purchase the software without filling our large forms or interacting with a large account team. They are able to access the software now and do business now. And if you are lucky, they will leave you nice reviews and make you successful – similar to what Tripadvisor and Yelp have done for many businesses.

I am a firm believer that software should not get in the way but rather show you the way. And, SAP Digital for Customer engagement is our first shot at getting these right for the user by making customer engagement simple again.  With just over 12 weeks of serious agile development, I am pretty excited that we will launch the product on May 5th 2015.  Our small team here at SAP, has been laser focused at solving one core problem – removing complexity for the end user. And we are just getting started!

Whether you are from a Small and Medium business (SMB) or from a large enterprise (LE), getting rid of complexity should be your number one priority. With the release of the first generation SAP D4C, here is what we think makes D4C worth a look,

  1. Built and designed for the individual in small teams and departments.
  2. Beautiful, Intuitive UI that works across all your devices
  3. Rich analytics and Dashboards powered by our ground-breaking technology SAP HANA
  4. Fully integrated sales and service capability
  5. In-product walkthroughs to guide you at every step

So I hope you give it a try or if you are feeling lucky buy it. Go to

Run Simple.

Karthik SJ,                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Lead Product Manager, SAP Digital for Customer Engagement


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  • Well said!

    “Removing complexity for the end user” while delivering value for the business  – that is the challenge in front of us, and the opportunity as well!

  • Hello there seems to be no hep document in & the sapstore windown seems to have only screneshots.

    My basic question would be how different is this solution w.r.t SAP C4C & JAM


  • Could somebody tell me whether the following is possible with this slimmed down version of C4C?

    – SDK development with Cloud Studio

    – Integration with SAP backends using iFlows

    – API integration (web service and OData)


    • Hello Thiery,

      None of the three points you mentioned are possible in this lean version of C4C.

      In order to perform any or all of the points you mentioned, the D4C needs to be upgraded to C4C.

      Hope this helps!



    • Thanks Ankur.


      D4C is targeted for small teams and departments so the idea is to not expose any capability that would involve administrative setup and configuration.

      Currently it is designed to work as out of the box solution for sales and service end users.

      Having said that, I am open to your 3rd point – API Integration. this is something we are exploring to publish in a limited manner. let me know if you have any specific requirements on this topic.



      • Hi Karthik.

        Thank you for your blog!

        Concerning the API point, what would be the way to talk about specific requirements and can you a rough idea of a time frame in which APIs could be added?

        Regards, Markus

        • Hi Markus,

          A great place to share your ideas with the wider community is the SAP Idea place, SAP Cloud for Customer: Ideas

          Would be great if you can share the specific use-cases you have in mind and the objects you would like to integarte with for D4C.

          In general, we already support API’s in SAP Cloud for Customer (C4C) both using SOAP API’s (A2X) and OData.



  • Hello Karthik,

    I have not got a chance yet to explore D4C in detail, just returned from SAPPHIRE, was hoping to meet you, but could only meet few other people.

    I shall explore the solution & feedback.



  • Hello Karthik,

    First of all, great Blog & great slim/leaner solution for small teams/individual users.

    Here are few feedback points/queries on the solution which I explored (although not in completion, but just at a glance):

    1. When ADAPTing a screen, for example, Appointment scree, while gong into ADAPT mode, the screen flashes addtional Facets for a second or two & then they disappear. I’m sure these are not part of D4C, however, when a Customer is ADAPTing a screen, this can confuse them as to why these facets flashed if they are not part of the solution?

    2. I noticed the option to create Target groups from Accounts view. Target groups are used for Campaign primarily, so I’m not sure what’s the utility of this function in D4C if we are not offering Marketing/Campaign function in D4C, would need your feedback here.

    3. I’m assuming that creating an Email activity is not part of D4C as opposed to C4C, please confirm my understanding since the NEW email creation button was not available for Email Activity.

    4. If not ADAPT, a Personalize option on the Home screen would ave been good for end users to personalize their home screens.

    5. Although, the target of this solution is are individual users/small team, however, any of these can have considerable amount of data either from any of their legacy systems or maintained otherwise, may be excel, Outlook, etc. The system system is certainly leaner, but it has to have data from the Customer,in it, which could be considerable, i.e. may need data load like we did in C4C using Migration templates & workbench. Does D4C offer this kind of workbench/templates? If yes, are these simple enough to have any end user perform his data load himself including populating templates & performing migration steps?

    On the other hand, if there is no provision for Data load using a workbench like in C4C, how do users get their data into D4C?

    6. My assumption is when a user invites the other user, the other user has to first purchase the license for himself & then he can start using D4C correct?

    7. When a Customer decides to upgrade to C4C from D4C, what does the process look like? Does the D4C screens for Scoping/User management stil remain, or does the user gets the original C4C post upgrade?

    8. Lets say a Customer has a team using D4C for some time & after certain time, they decide to upgrade to C4C, since they want to integrate to SAP ECC system. What would be the best practices in such a case since the Customer would have already created: Product, Product Hierarchy, Account/Contact data. whe they upgrade to c4C & integrate with SAP ECC, how do they manage the duplication, data cleansing and other challenges that they may encounter post upgrade specially when the reason for upgrade is integration to either a ECC or CRM OnPrem system?

    9. Can you share some best practices document for the upgrade from D4C to C4C for an integrated as well as non-integrated scenario post upgrade?

    10. A last question, may be a little different question: In case a Customer bought D4C, used for some time, later feels to get more functionality so upgrades to C4C. after using sometime, may be Customer thing the adoption is less & they are paying more for the actual use as compared to their original D4C licenses. Do they have an option to go back to D4C? This might not happen in practical scenario, but just asking so that we an take up ‘all sorts of’ queries from Customers on this.

    I hope I haven’t bombarded a lot of queries! I have just taken a shot at the solution and these were my immediate queries, would get in touch with you for any fursther feedback/queries.

    It was a great demo from you & we are excited to explore this new solution, and would be happy to see it getting adopted at a very high rate!




    • Hi Ankur,

      Thanks for your detailed review of SAP D4C. Find my replies below.

      1&2. fair feedback – our engineering team is looking into this.

      3.we support outlook integration so no new email creation is possible from activity wc

      4.good point – we will explore this option for upcoming release

      5.we support importing of customer data via CSV and google contacts. the idea is to expand this offering going forward but retain the simplicity.

      6.not required. users can continue using and get billed only in the next billing cycle.

      7.user will see the original C4C screens

      8&9. we are working on this.

      10.this is not supproted as of today as we dont expect a downgrade yet 🙂

      there were some great new ideas. could you please post them on the idea place,

      SAP Cloud for Customer: Ideas



  • Hello Karthik

    We signed for the 30 day trial 5 days ago, but we have not received the credentials for the trial yet. All we received, was an e-mail which says or credentials for the trial will be received shortly. Are you aware of this kind of delays?



      • Hi Karthik

        I have been trying to register myself for the Free Trial, but it has been an impossible task.

        I work for an SAP Partner in Puerto Rico, and we want to review if D4C fits our requirements to take advantage of the partner promotion. My problem is:

        – When I open everything goes great

        – As soon I Log-in with my SAP Passport Credentials, the country is changed from the US to Puerto Rico (my SAP passport is associated to my S-User in Puerto Rico), and the call-to-action for the free trial and purchase option are not displayed anymore (see enclosed image).

        Could you please help me to register for the free trial?

        This has been a mission impossible for me.

        Here’s my work e-mail if you want to send me a private message: e-mail



        Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 9.14.49 PM.pngScreen Shot 2015-05-28 at 9.13.44 PM.png

        • Hi Sascha,

          Thanks for your interest in D4C. This could be because PR is not  supported from SAP Store. Will revert back to you on how we can get you access for a free trial account.



  • Karthik,

    Could you also check the help document for D4C? There are couple of questions which do not have any information in them.



  • Is there any information available for what is being offered for storage allocation per user? File storage includes files in attachments, etc.

    • Hi Mark,

      we support 100K records/user. Attachements is currently not supported.

      hope this answers your question.



        • Hi Mark,

          Thanks for the input. How much data is the customer looking for? For D4C, there is no minimum number of users so you can go as low as 1 but for C4C there is a minimum of 10 users.

          I will posting a deck that covers a more detailed comparison next week.



  • Hello Karthik S J great info on this redesigned solution, only one question, when could an SAP Partner start selling it? We have a few clients that would greatly appreciate using this solution.


    Arturo Flórez

    • Hi Arturo,

      right now the best approach is to sign-up directly from the site. additionally you can always opt for the partner program of SAP C4C.



  • Hi Karthik,

    Its a very nice blog. I am trying this product,Could you please guide..Is there any possibility for Activities- Phone Calls Import or manage dynamically ,which will be very useful solution for me.



      • Thank you Karthik ,

        Another relevant query regarding Import of Master records.

        While I am trying to Import Accounts or Individual customer by preparing  sample .csv file which I have prepared by referring Export Excel files of existing Accounts and Individual Customer. I am getting error like ‘Bad Gateway’ . Is this the .csv format issue . As i am not getting any sample .csv file or relevant help documents to prepare those files.

        Please suggest any solution for this issue.

        SAP D4Cpng.png