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How to Upgrade Logical Components when Charm is Active

After the upgrade of a system, the Old Product is still assigned to a product system that is assigned to a logical component. In order for MOPZ and Service delivery session to function properly the old product must be removed from the product System. This cannot be done when a Logical component is assigned to that old product.  In this scenario we have CHARM in place so the logical component cannot be deleted with breaking the Charm project it is assigned too.

The solution is to move the logical component to the new product. Then you can remove the product from the Product system and Charm will not be affected.



The old Product system is assigned to the product system and a logical component that is being used by Charm Projects.


The Verification Check Fails, due to the incorrect product assignment to the product system.



1. Select the Logical Component



2. Select Maintain


3. Select Search



4. Select the correct upgraded product

5. Select Close


6. Now you can see the correct product assigned

7. Select save


8. Now you can see the logical component has been moved to the new product. 


9. Select the Product System

10. Select the Old product

11. Select Delete

12. Select Save


13. Re-Execute the Verification check and it should turn green.

14. Now the MOPZ and Deliver Sessions will function properly.



15. Now you need to execute a manually update of SMSY from LMDB

16. Navigate to transaction SE38


18. Select Execute


19. Enter the System ID for the systems you updated

20. Select the system type

21. Select Execute


22. Verify checks are successful.


23. Navigate to transaction SMSY and verify the Logical components are consistent.

24. If they have a yellow warning you must run a constancy check to verify all no issues exist.


25. Select a Logical Component

26. Select execute Consistency Check


27. Select Solution Directory and SMSY Internal consistency check

28. Select the green check box to execute


29. If all is well the checks will be successful and the warning symbol will go disappear

30. Repeat the steps for the other logical components until all are consistent.


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