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HCP podcast episode 1

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Episode notes

06:07 min Additional information around SAP datacenters
06:32 min Blog post around SAP joining Cloud Foundry Foundation
08:52 min The OASIS standard CMIS
09:50 min The OASIS standard SAML
10:33 min The IETF standard OAuth
12:52 min The BPMN standard
14:27 min opensocial standard in the W3C organization
16:48 min Eclipse list of strategic developer members
17:36 min

Free developer account on SAP HANA Cloud Platform

Blog post by Rui Nogueira around The (free) developer account on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform

17:49 min Description on how to setup Eclipse and the development environment
17:56 min Week 1 of the openSAP course “Introduction to SAP HANA Cloud Platform” to learn in detail how to setup your development environment
18:48 min The three openSAP courses we have: Introduction to HCP, Next Steps in HCP, Extending SAP Products with HCP
19:14 min Blog post with announcement of the 100,000 enrollments on HCP
19:33 min The HCP homepage
20:30 min Release notes SAP HANA Cloud Platform, April 23rd, 2015
20:54 min Blog post from Michael Ameling with the announcement for the beta release of the Gamification Service on SAP HANA Cloud Platform
23:15 min Blog post by Gregor Wolf about using an XSODATA backend for another blog post series around connecting a Raspberry Pi with SAP HANA Cloud Platform
25:34 min List of events where SAP HANA Cloud Platform will be presented
27:28 min Blog post by Oliver Goetz around HANA Cloud Platform Poetry.
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