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Global Survey for SAP Process Integration 2015

IFG global Survey 2015 for SAP Process Integration

As in the previous years, the Global Special Interest Group for Integration conducts its annual survey for SAP Process Integration / Process Orchestration.

Focus of the survey is to collect the latest state of the positioning, organization and use of SAP PI/PO and SAP integration in companies around the globe. Target group are employees and consultants from companies using SAP PI or SAP PO as an integration platform.

The survey results serve the IFG as a strong basis for the discussion with SAP and for the active influencing of SAP’s product and release strategy. In 2013 the survey set a new record with over 350 participants.

The survey contains 27 general questions and 11 questions about this year’s special topic ‘RESTful web services and cloud integration’. The general questions stay the same each year, so that the survey can identify changes and developments in the use and positioning of PI over the years.

The survey for 2015 can be found at the following URL – UPDATE:

The survey ended on August 21st. We were able to beat the number of participants from last year. Thanks for your support! The results will be published in a separate blog end of September.

Time Schedule

  • May 4th 2015: Official start of survey
  • August 21st 2015: End of survey
  • End of September 2015: Publication of results within the SAP user groups and on SAP SCN

Recent Blogs

An extract of the results of the surveys can be found in the following blogs:

For more background about our interest group see our central blog International Focus Group for Integration.

Questions and feedback are welcome.

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  • Hello Holger,

    I’m curious about baseline information for your survey.  For example, looking at the ’13 to ’14 surveys, it’s clear adoption continues, but can you provide insight into how many companies are using PI/PO vs. companies who have not touched it?  Also how many use it for non-SAP integrations?

    In the ’13 survey there was some data points on the latter, but nothing on the former and I believe this information would be incredibly helpful to the community.  Having looked over and searched throughout the community I can’t find any stats on this.



    • Hi Jim,

      since the survey addresses companies using PI/PO we don’t have information how many companies do not use this platform. But it would be hard to get a useful result, since these companies mostly wouldn’t participate in this kind of survey anyway. In terms of non-SAP integration we don’t have a question regarding this topic in our survey. But I assume that almost all companies with more that 10 interfaces have also non-SAP interfaces.

      Regards, Holger

      • Thank you Holger.  Apologies for the late reply, just got back from Germany 🙂

        You’ve made a good point.  I should have asked a better question.  How about: how many companies in North America use PI or XI?  Regardless of how many interfaces. 

        Others have told me there are approximately 20K companies in North America using SAP.  Other have said approximately 8-12% of SAP companies use XI/PI.  Would it be fair to extrapolate therefore that there are ~2,000 XI/PI users in North America?  At least as a rough number?

        Thank you!


        • Hi Jim,

          compared to other countries and user groups there was a lower participation in our survey from North America in the previous years, so it’s difficult to do a valid extrapolation. But your guess around 1,500 to 2,000 XI/PI/PO users sounds reasonable to me.

          Regards, Holger