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Author's profile photo Aviad Rivlin

Experience, customize and run SAP Fiori on the cloud with SAP Fiori Demo Cloud Edition

We are happy to announce the availability of the extended SAP Fiori, demo cloud edition with additional capabilities of extending Fiori apps, branding and a full roles based, personalized Fiori launchpad experience.


The extended SAP Fiori, demo cloud edition offering is FREE of charge for 30 days. It allows you to experience SAP Fiori on the cloud in a realistic scenario by customizing and extending the solution:

  • Experience SAP Fiori apps across Line of Business (Human Capital Management, Materials Management, Sales & Distribution and Accounting)
  • Extend and customize the Fiori apps with SAP Web IDE
  • Customize the look & feel with SAP UI theme designer

So how does it all work?! When clicking on the Customize and Extend tile a new SAP HANA Cloud Platform (HCP) account is created for you. This account is automatically subscribed to the Fiori apps, Web IDE, Fiori launchpad and UI theme designer. In other words, all these capabilities are automatically added to your account.

The SAP Fiori cloud edition provides you a holistic and simplified view of your “Fiori instance” on HCP. If you want to deep dive into your newly created HCP account – simply browse to the following URL and navigate to the Cockpit link in the header of the page. Make sure to replace XXX with your actual data-center you are working on (visible in your account URL – us1, ap1 or nothing).

In addition, make sure to look at the detailed documentation that is integrated into the SAP Fiori, demo cloud edition for extending and developing SAP Fiori applications, managing versions and branding.

Mark this URL: SAP.COM/FIORI-DEMO for technical questions please post your question in the SCN Fiori community.

Useful link: SAP Fiori | SAP Fiori, cloud edition | SAP Web IDE | SAP Fiori launchpad | SAP UI theme designer

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      Author's profile photo Tejas Chouhan
      Tejas Chouhan

      Hi Aviad,

      Great addition 🙂

      I am looking forward for the "Coming soon" feature 😉

      Connect to your corporate system

      Author's profile photo Aviad Rivlin
      Aviad Rivlin
      Blog Post Author

      Yep, fully agree! This will enable you to run SAP Fiori on the Cloud with minimum impact on your Business Suite system.

      Stay tuned, this will come later this year...

      Author's profile photo Masayuki Sekihara
      Masayuki Sekihara

      It is very handy. I asked a customer to create an account and I supported setting their company brand theme by the UI theme designer. They are happy showing a demo with custom theme to their colleagues.

      Author's profile photo Aviad Rivlin
      Aviad Rivlin
      Blog Post Author

      I am very happy to update you that we are almost reaching the 1k SAP Fiori (extended) demo accounts created on SAP HANA Cloud Platform.

      For all the 1k first users who created their accounts, we will be happy to hear your impressions and thoughts of this new offering. Looking forward to read your blogs…


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Aviad,

      It is great using the SAP Fiori extended demo as it is helping me in building the custom Fiori app as well. If some more tutorial kind of documents comes with new features and all. That will be very handy for all the developers.

      Hoping for a response from you.

      Author's profile photo Jeremy Good
      Jeremy Good

      Ravi - you might want to take a look at some of the blog entries in the New and Updated top section of this page:  SAP Fiori Cloud Edition - in a nutshell, many of the Web IDE related examples, and a large portion of the Fiori openSAP courses will also work in this environment.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      great blog!

      thanks for sharing 🙂

      can you explain the connection (if it exists) between SAP Fiori Cloud Edition and HANA Cloud Platform?

      I am asking you this because I have a customer who wants to access their SAP Customer Activity Repository Fiori Apps running on premise systems through HANA Cloud Platform.

      basically they want to have on their Fiori Launchpad on HCP, tiles that connect to their Fiori apps running on their on premise systems.

      do you know if this is possible?

      when will Fiori Cloud edition be available for productive use?

      thank you.

      best regards,


      Author's profile photo Aviad Rivlin
      Aviad Rivlin
      Blog Post Author

      SAP Fiori, cloud edition is actually running on HCP.

      Have a look at the following flog: SAP Fiori Cloud Edition is now available for Productive Use!