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Analyzing & Fixing Dumps due to LOAD_MISMATCH_PROGRAM

Sometimes users come across temporary or inconsistent short dumps like“LOAD_MISMATCH_PROGRAM” while using a process step or a particular transaction. These inconsistent issues may impact the critical project activities such as testing, support or implementation.

I am sharing my experience on similar issues here,  when I encountered an issue while posting Goods receipt for inbound delivery.

After reading few notes on OSS, I found such issue occurs due to inconsistency between ABAP programs OR between ABAP program & DDIC elements. To eliminate such issue, we need to regenerate all the involved programs / ABAP repository structures. Though, there are many tools which talk about regenerating the ABAP Programs to eliminate these inconsistent dumps, one report which I found useful is RSGENDUMP. This report regenerates all the programs that were involved in the selected short dumps.

Let’s take an example to see how this report can be used.

You need make sure to collect the date & time-stamp of occurrence from ST22, as a prerequisite, in order to get effective & precise results in report.


Run report in SE38 -> RSGENDUMP; provide the current date, time stamp & user detail and regenerate the effected program.



Below is the output of report.

All programs shown in green are successfully regenerated. Any failed occurrence will be highlighted in Red.

After successful regeneration, process steps can be resumed.


I hope you find it useful. You may also refer to OSS Note 162991, which talks about various regeneration tools and options, in greater detail.

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