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Big Data Analytics Using SAP HANA Dynamic Tiering | SAP TechEd Lecture of the Week

Greetings, TechEd enthusiasts!  I am pleased to re-introduce my presentation from TechEd 2014 on HANA dynamic tiering. HANA dynamic tiering is a feature that enhances HANA with an integrated disk-backed storage and processing tier – a warm store – for managing less frequently accessed data.  But wait – hasn’t SAP always promoted memory ONLY for real-time transaction processing and analytics?  Essentially, yes – SAP’s mantra is now memory FIRST.  For “hot” data, there is nothing better than HANA, which has been architected from the ground up as an all in memory solution with blazing performance.  However, not all data requires real-time access, and economies of scale are achieved through use of storage tiering technologies integrated with the HANA platform.  This broadens the HANA platform to encompass Big Data and large volume warm/cold data for a 360 degree enterprise view.

The first version of HANA dynamic tiering was released in the fall of 2014 as an add-on option to HANA SPS09.  My 2014 TechEd presentation gave an overview of the feature – the motivation for developing it, the use cases it is designed for, and technical details:

HANA dynamic tiering in its first incarnation was targeted primarily at SAP BW on HANA customers who were looking to reduce their HANA footprint by moving less critical data out of memory and onto cheaper storage.  SAP BW integrated HANA dynamic tiering to automatically reposition potentially large persistent staging area tables and write-optimized DSOs to disk for a significantly reduced memory footprint.  The SP10 version of HANA dynamic tiering – currently under development – will bring improved HA/DR, query speed, and data aging capabilities which will make the feature attractive to HANA developers who are building applications that manage large amounts of data – much of which does not need the low latency performance of continuous in-memory residence.

I am excited to look back to last year’s overview of HANA dynamic tiering, and also to look ahead to upcoming, improved versions of the capability.  Dynamic tiering will extend HANA’s reach into new problem spaces, and open up new opportunities for our customers.

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