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SAP GTS Tarif code (HS Codes) Mass upload for huge list of materials.

Recently we have rolled out SAP R/3 and SAP GTS  to one of our newly  acquired  EU business unit. As part of this roll out we had to  mass upload close to 10000 material masters HS Codes assignment in GTS PROD. Due to heavy work load from R/3 side  we have not focused on  GTS upload functionality test/validation  until cut over phase started therefore we had to rush in the last moment to complete this task. Unfortunately I did not find a clear upload instructions list  in any forum/Website  for my specific situation but luckily we were able  to  over come this with a day effort.

I thought of sharing my new HS code upload learning with you all. 

Key Note: 

  • Most of the SAP forums or SAP help suggested to down load R/3 MARC table as unconverted file and upload as it is, and for sure this will work perfectly.
  • But unfortunately in our organization we don’t maintain HS Code data in R/3 (May be similar in some companies) therefore we will not have complete data in MARC table, this is where I tried to find instructions to prepare upload file but no luck.

Transaction code/Program to upload Product HS Code assignment (Mass) in GTS

If it is a single HS Code assignment then you can use normal  product classification work  list from menu. If you have different HS Code for each material then you need to use below transaction.


Upload File preparation steps

1. Initially take a  spreadsheet and it should not  contain more than  30,000 entries per sheet.

2. Edit spreadsheet to make it appear same as table shown below


3. Important information about the format are:

     a. Column headers must be exactly as shown.

     b. Columns A, C, E, G, I and K must contain the pipe symbol. Enter  ” | ” into spreadsheet cell exactly as shown in this                    sentence. This functions as a space delimiter in the output file        

     c. Important: Format all columns containing data (not pipes) with column width of 20.

     d. Format cells in all columns except „STAWN‟ as text.

     e. Left justify all columns.

     f. Fill all rows in column J with the value “X”.

4. Now first save the excel file, and go to save as option  and select Formatted Text (Space delimited) option like below, this will create “.prn‟ file type


     .PRN File looks like below


Data Upload Process:

Use the SE38 transaction in production GTS to execute program or directly execute /SAPSLL/MARC_UPLOAD_R3.

The selection screen should have the following specified by the variant:

     a. GROUPING: (logical system group) example: PRD010

     b. Plant: XXXX (same as what is entered in the input file)

     c. Number scheme: Name for the particular commodity code (HTS) schema

     d. Country Dependent: not checked

     e. Country key: blank

     f. Simulation‟ box: blank (can be used for a practice run first)

     g. Change existing Records box: checked

Hope this is helpful.

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  • It’s very useful info for mass upload of material master assignment HS codes, in the GTS system.

    In particular preparing PNR file is a great task , This is awesome,

  • Thanks RK for nice explanation.

    Just wanted to understand one thing. why do we need to enter ‘Plant’ value in file.

    Product classification we maintain for material under different countries.

    I believe system recognises the country from Plant hence instead of Country we are using Plant. is the right understanding ?

    Thanks & Regards,


      • Rajesh,

        One more question that no error occurs for data convension but no data records are to be updated.

        Meanwhile, there’s only 1 record was tried to be uploaded but the log shows 226 entries from SAPSLL/PRCTS;

        Could you please give me some advice?


        • Hello,

          That number is nothing but the number of classifications you have in product classification master i.e. /sapsll/prcts for the numbering scheme you are trying to upload.

          Example: lets say you are uploading 1 product against numbering scheme US_HTS

          System checks how many classifications are available already with US_HTS numbering scheme and tells you the number in the log.

          To validate that what you can do is – Go to /sapsll/prcts and enter the numbering scheme against STCTS field  and click on number of entries and that should match the number you are seeing here.

          Please do let me know how it goes. Thanks.



    • HI Magdhum,

      yes Rajesh is correct, the method I used is basically dependent on MARC table in R3 therefore I used same data, but you can use ****, however nothing harm uploading along with plants as this will give you right interfacing in few GTS tables in case you want to use them in your enhancements.

      BTW I never tried **** this method, if I rememeber correctly  i have used plant in my al uploads.