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Confirmation Of Maintenance Operations using Milestone concept – Plant Engineering – Maintenance Order

In few organisations, while performing Major Maintenance/Shutdown Maintenance work (Turnaround) / TPM- Total Productive Maintenance work, maintenance user deals with more number of maintenance operations in combination  of all work centers (Departments) such as Mechanical & Electrical, etc... in one Maintenance Order.It will be very lengthy job for maintenance engineer who is confirming all these operations against maintenance order in SAP using transaction IW41/IW42 etc…

This document may help “Maintenance Personnel” to reduce the time on confirmation of operations by using “Mile stone control key” functionality. 

Here i came up with a small example of “Quarterly Maintenance of Centrifugal Pump” for better understanding of this functionality.

To set up this functionality:


Create control keys for “Internal Maintenance Activities” as CK01: Plant maintenance – internal & CK02: Plant maintenance – internal (Milestone).


CK01: Plant maintenance – internal



CK02: Plant maintenance – internal (Milestone)


After performing above configuration steps , assign these two control keys in a TASK LIST.

Now assign both Mechanical and Electrical maintenance operations in TASK LIST of “Quarterly Maintenance of Centrifugal Pump

Here assign all the operations to be performed at shop floor with CK01 control key.And assign the CK02 control key as a Mile stone activity in task list.

For Mile stone Control key assign the “Total duration of respective department operations” as shown in.

Mechanical Works:

Electrical works:


Now create a maintenance order for the “Quarterly Maintenance of Centrifugal Pump” and assign the task list which is created with “Mile stone control key“.

Now while confirming this Maintenance order using transaction IW41, system will only pull the”Two operations” having control key “CK02”  for confirmation.

This helps shop-floor engineers/supervisors to confirm field work as a consolidated work…to have better evaluation on man-hours..


PardhaSaradhi Reddy.C

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