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Mass skipping of maintenance plans using IP30

Currently while working for a local council application support, came across a scenario where on certain days preventive maintenance scheduled calls from the maintenance plans would want to be skipped, a good example: Planned grass cutting activity for a parks in geographic area but can not be performed due to unexpected rains. Currently the maintenance plans are set up for this activity which have the background job scheduled to generate preventive maintenance work order. In current scenario if the call has to be skipped in the system, then individually go into schedule using IP10 and skip the call.

Would see a lot of benefit to have this as a part of IP30, which could use a logical grouping like Sort field to then also give the option to skip calls and execute this for multiple maintenance plans. I know a custom program with the logic can always be developed but sharing this for others to contribute if they have implemented the solution or can think of such scenarios.

Would welcome your thoughts.

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