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Improve Partner Engagement with new Partner Portal for SAP Cloud for Customer

UPDATE: new accelerators for implementing partner portals for SAP Cloud for Customer available. Learn more at Partner Channel Management – THE way to engage your partners


In today’s accelerating and increasingly networked economy, it is crucial for companies to quickly innovate and sell their solutions on the market. You can try to do this alone – but you can certainly multiply your return on investments with the help of trusted alliances. Enterprises of all sizes can strongly benefit from a lively partner ecosystem to drive additional revenue and increase profit.

Do you successfully leverage an active network of partners to promote and sell your products?

Imagine you are a channel manager and responsible for growing a partner network and coordinating go-to-market activities – probably not an easy task. And successfully doing business with your company might not be easy for some of your partners as well: from initial partner registration to closing the first deal. Thus it is important as a channel manager to ensure a smooth partner onboarding & enablement and provide transparency about ongoing customer opportunities and deals.

Give partners all the information they need

The easier it is to do business with your company the more partners will join your partner network. The goal is to help channel managers to efficiently engage with partners and enable their experts:

  • Provide a harmonized, central partner experience
  • Provide easy, role-based access to high-value content, key information and intuitive self-services
  • Empower partners to efficiently and self-sufficiently support go-to-market campaigns and drive indirect revenue

Intuitive self-service portal for your partners

With the new partner portal for SAP Cloud for Customer, your can take the partner experience to a new level – leveraging the cloud for driving channel innovations and flexibility. The solution is powered by SAP HANA Cloud portal and allows you to easily offer an attractive self-service portal to your partners.

Partner Portal 1505 - Home.png

Picture: central access to partner services via partner portal

As a channel manager you can securely expose relevant information and services from SAP Cloud for Customer to authorized partners via the partner-facing website. The solution provides various out of the box services and content that enables you to quickly build and run a partner portal. This includes a public registration site and the restricted partner site for launching the self-service applications which connect to your SAP Cloud for Customer (Sales) tenant.

Partner Services:

  • Self-registration for new partners
  • Access partnership data such as their company data, assigned solutions (sell & support), partner programs & types and funds.
  • View and create leads & opportunities
  • Create and edit customer activities & appointments
  • Register new deals

Partner Portal 1505 - Leads Details Edit.png

Picture: creating and editing a new lead via the partner portal

The site can be branded to reflect your company’s corporate design (e.g. logos and colors).

Integration with SAP Cloud for Customer

The partner portal is based on SAP HANA Cloud Platform and leverages various platform services such as portal /launchpad, identity and user management, connectivity and roles, security as well as SAP Web IDE / SAPUI5 for custom development and extensions.

Customers can create their own partner sites or start with the provided apps delivered via the out of the box integration with SAP Cloud for Customer (Sales). SAP Cloud for Customer serves as the central system of record for the relevant business objects (partners, leads, opportunities, etc.) and the configuration of their meta data.The partner portal solution provides pre-configured web applications that visualize the data from SAP Cloud for Customer exposed via oData services.

You may also create custom business objects and oData services to extend the SAP Cloud for Customer solution. Based on these services you may then develop own custom web apps with the development tool of SAP HANA Cloud platform and add them to the partner portal.

Cloud Partner Portal.png

Your sales and channel managers usually connect directly to SAP Cloud for Customer to access to full services of the Partner Channel Management solution (including ability to see and update cross-partner business content and configurations according to their role and assigned permissions).

Note: The partner portal primarily focuses on integration with sales-related objects of SAP Cloud for Customer. If you are interested in services & support scenarios, check the Support Site Edition, which allows to create and track service tickets via the portal.

Further Information

If you are interests in further details about the solution, feel free to check the following documents:

Looking forward to your feedback,


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  • Thanks Thomas Hensel for sharing this information.

    Can you please help me where below questions:

    1) If we have SAP Cloud Identity System and HCP system then how to add that standard application that you have mentioned in this blog?

    2) If these are the paid apps then where i can get this apps and what is the steps to buy these apps?

    3) Where I can find out what is out of the box apps / widgets in PCM (Partner Channel Management) and how to add / enable in registered HCP / SAP Cloud IDP system.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this information.

    Thanks and Regards,


    • Hello Mithun,

      The partner portal and the out of the box widgets require an additional license “SAP HANA Cloud Portal – Cloud for Customer Edition”. Please contact your account executive for details on the legal/commercial part. As soon as the supplement confirmed and signed, our DevOps team is happy to provision the content to your account.

      Partner related services are part of the standard C4C workcenter for managing “Partners” (direct access for named C4C users, e.g. channel managers in the back office) and through the partner portal (indirect access, e.g. for external partners).

      The partner self-services in the portal are currently limited to the following entities:

      – Leads

      – Opportunities

      – Appointments

      – Tasks

      – Deal registration

      For each of these we have a central list view, detail view and create view. Besides this we offer self-registration and a overview section for the partners (my profile, company profile, invite new partner contact).

      Additional services / information from C4C might be integrated based on custom development leveraging the C4C oData services.

      Hope this helps to clarify your questions.

      Best regards,


      • Hi Thomas,

        I have a follow-up question regarding the leads, opportunites, deal registrition created on parter portal, can these objects be replicated to C4C to centrally manage. Or only deal registrition created on parter portal will be synced to C4C?

        I see a slide explaining when a partner contact needs to register a deal, he or she has to log on to C4C to create the registration, what is the correct understanding, please advise.




        • Hi Wendy,

          the self-service apps from the launchpad are connected to the respective services in  C4C backend via OData services. Thus we do not store data on HCP, but read/write back the information into C4C automatically, unless the data is not forseen in the UI that comes out of the box. In this case you may consider extending / creating custom self-service UIs on top of the SAP HANA Cloud Platform with SAP Web IDE.



    • Hello Ashish,

      thanks for your post. Can you please elaborate on your scenario?

      The partner portal scenario is based on SAP Cloud for Sales and SAP HANA Cloud portal. The solution contains out of the box widgets that connects in the background to SAP Cloud for Sales via API. The portal is used as central entry point and to launch the respective self-services.

      We have another template for “Support Sites” that provides widgets that connect against SAP Cloud for Service – for creating and managing tickets as a customer.

      Best regards,


    • Hello Mr. Lantukh,

      external users such as busines partners need to be licensed via C4C limited package user.



  • Hi,

    we are trying to implement t he solution according to the documentation but many things are simply not working.
    Is the current documentation still correct ?

    We face problems with:
    Self registration from the public page. There is an error “could not register to IDP”.
    Also the callback from C4C to Portal does not work. The URL according to the docu should read something like

    But this cannot be reached.

    Is there maybe more docu available somewhere that we missed?


      Hello Marcus,

      thanks a lot for this valuable feedback. I’ll check and make sure the documents are updated correctly.

      Have a great day, Thomas

  • Hello Marcus,

    Thanks  for the feedback, it seems like there might be some configuration issues, please open a ticket so our team can support this.
    We are also working on a movie that demonstrate the configuration that will hopefully assist in setting it more easily.

    Best Regards,

  • Hi,

    thanks for the response. We were watching the video, however the configuration issue we face is spared there (like the communication agreement on C4C with the URL metioned above).
    Also we struggle with the sciloginplugin. The docu of the plugin says “replace the IDP in the manifest. (which by default is flplto.accounts.hana.ondemand) “. In the docu this is not explained. Would it be our IDP or the default ?
    Also we are struggeling with the self registration process. The URL called looks like

    But we get an error and need advise how to debug / read log to determine which system throws the error.

    I would like to open a ticket, would that be done in OSS ?



    I want to ask why the Tile “My Profile” and “Company Profilealways display the wrong information.The 2 tiles always display the 1st row of the PartnerCollection and  PartnerContactCollection of the pcmportal odata service.

    And the PartnerManager Role isn’t assigned automatically after the user’s application form is approved,so I have to assign the PartnerManager Role manually to the user after I approved the Partner Application,  could you please tell me why would this happen??

    Thanks a lot.


    Best Regards,



  • Hi

    1. Open the site for editing
    2. Click “My Profile” application and click the settings button
    3. Open “Parameters” tab
    4. Add new parameter: functionImport : get_partner_contact
    5. Click “Company Profile” application and click the settings button
    6. Open “Parameters” tab
    7. Add new parameter: functionImport : get_partner
    8. Save and Publish

    Best regards