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Default payment details for Securities

For security positions, the following two kinds of flows will be generated:

1) Flows generated from transaction management (e.g.FTR_CREATE), the main flow, buy or sell; or the other flows.

Please review the customizing “Define Transaction Types”. For “Automatic Determination” – Payment details, three options are available:

    1. From Standing Instructions, 2. From Securities Account

A Only from Standing Instructions

B No Automatic Determination

Standing Instructions for business partner are defined in tcode TBI1, you may create entries based on currency, enter detailed information, House bank, Account ID etc, then assign it to relevant products.

If you choose the first option – ” 1. From Standing Instructions, 2. From Securities Account”, for example the system is checking the standing instructions and if there nothing is found then the payment details from the Securities Account are derived.

2) Flows generated from securities account management, the condition based flow, e.g. nominal interest, dividend, final repayment.

The payment details defined in Securities Account master data (tcode TRS_SEC_ACC) will be used for this kind of flows during posting (tcode FWSO, FWZE, FWBS).

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