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SAP Lumira on BI Platform – Universe Panel Extension

Release 1.25 of SAP Lumira now has a Universe Query Panel extension that you need to install.  Once you install it you will see the familiar query panel.  Instead of “publishing” to the BI Platform you will need to do a “File > Save As” to the BI Platform.  The steps are documented below.


Figure 1

To install the extension go to File > Extension on your Lumira Desktop, and then click on the blue Download icon


Figure 2

Once it is installed, you will need to restart Lumira Desktop as shown in Figure 2.


Figure 3

After restarting, and creating a new document, I had to scroll down to see the “SAP Universe Query Panel”

Select that and click “Next”


Figure 4

Of course I select the familiar eFashion universe


Figure 5

Figure 5 shows the familiar universe query panel


Figure 6

I geo-enable the states for the eFashion stores


Figure 7

Success, all the states are found in Figure 7


Figure 8

I created a map visualization and story and then go to File > Save as on SAP BI Platform as shown in Figure 8


Figure 9

I save it to a folder on the BI platform as shown in Figure 9


Figure 10

I can now view the story on the BI Platform.  Right now my understanding is that you cannot view Lumira stories from the BI Platform on SAP Mobile BI; instead you will need to publish to Lumira Cloud and view them there from the SAP Mobile BI app.

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  • Hi Tammy,

    After selecting my Universe (not eFashion), the tool just spins and spins… never returns the query panel. Are you aware of any issues or limitations for using the Universe Query Panel extension?



    • It should be fairly quick (a few seconds)  – sometimes it gets hidden behind another window,  and i’ve noticed that you are using a second monitor,  it ‘throws’ it over there 🙂

  • Maybe one of you guys can help me out.  I’d really like for the Query Panel to be similar to the one for the SAP WebI reports.  It allows you to query the information from two separate Universes and later merge the data based off of common fields.

    This one seems to only allow the execution of one query.  While a fantastic feature, is limited in its scope.  Especially if my organizational data lie in many different universes.

    • Yes, not being able to generate multiple queries within the Query Panel is a bit frustrating, but couldn’t you achieve essentially the same thing by simply adding a new data set in Lumira and then pointing that dataset to your second Universe, then merge or blend in Lumira?