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Make More Money with SAP

It has never been so easy to make more money with SAP, if we compare it with any age. 5 years ago, having accurate information, business insight or speed was very important, but today these are the facts that any company can have it.

Today companies need to predict, not measure!

Today if you have the right tools, right digital partner and right team, you will definitely boost your business never happen before.

Just find the right SAP partner, built up your digital strategy in-line with your very coming 2 years goals and start to execute secure and winning portions.

Let me explain what I mean. Assume that you are running SAP ERP or Business Suite on any db for years, processes are matured and users are complaining. Now it is time to get rid of your boundaries.


First off all, upgrade your system to EHP7 level, so you can enjoy the new features and functionalities, more than this you are now ready to break your old fashion database chain.

Simply migrate to HANA and start to move in light speed.  With the help of In-memory and column base database technology, perform database operations in SAP thousands times faster than any db on the planet. Now you are incredibly faster than your competitors. But this is only the beginning. You are lighter and more agile than before, because you do not have any indexes or aggregates, your new sap needs less storage, your database size did shrink by HANA.

Now Activate HANA live and start to use more than 500 hundred queries brought by S4HANA. These are real time analytics,think that your BW cubes transformed into real time cubes. This is nuts ! Each and every transaction performed by users is visible in your dashboards, in your BO reports, everywhere. No need to run any process chain, no need to wait, no latency!

Activate Fiori, and touch every single customer, anytime, anywhere and by using any device, no need to spend weeks or months to build your own mobile world. SAP did it with fiori, it is ready !

It is time to change, boost and simplify your financial booking, closure and reporting system. Migrate to Simple Finance and get the results immediately when the transactions are happened, do not wait for 5-10 days to see the financial results.

You have every tool you need now, just predict your consumer, your customers, your market. Do not wait for the next steps of your competitors; just be your market’s pathfinder, give time to your competitors, they need to run more fast to close the gap, while you are leaving the party with empty glasses 🙂

This is not a fairy tale or a science fiction story brought by a Hollywood movie. It is real and very much close, just find your right SAP Partner and focus.



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