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SAP MRS (Multi Resource Scheduling) – A ready reference (Part 1)

                                          SAP MRS (Multi Resource Scheduling) – A ready reference (Part 1)

Being a beginner in SAP MRS is a challenge. As a BW techie, When I started in MRS Module, I found a lot of scattered information but there is no article or blog with consolidated information even on basic terminologies of SAP MRS.

This blog is my attempt to provide an insight of basic  aspects and terminologies of SAP MRS to a novice.

Introduction to MRS

SAP Multiresource Scheduling enables you to find suitable resources for demands and assign them to the demands. Demands are units of work from the areas of Plant Maintenance, or Project System, for which a resource is to be planned.

It is End to end scheduling process.

Salient features of MRS —

  • Effectively manage high volumes of resources and demands for your service, plant maintenance, or project business.
  • Get a real-time view of resources and project assignments with a user-friendly planning board.
  • Drag and drop” to update project details.
  • Boost productivity and reduce operational downtime.
  • With the ability to view, analyse, and interpret order data, you can easily match technician skills to assignments – for better repair work and improved service quality.
  • We can integrate  MRS with  all SAP modules.

MRS runs fully integrated in the ERP  system.

PS Integration

HR Integration

PM Integration

DBM Integration

C Projects Integration


PS Integration —

Below  diagram will explain the process  from creation of projects to till approval.

Project process Overview.png

Below diagram explains  resource assignment in project planning from creation of resource request to till task completion.

Resource planning.png

Each Network activity converted to Demand .Below  screenshots will explain how resources assigned to activity and  resource planning.


MRS Planning board

Below diagram is the planning board. we can see network activities in our left hand side and number of resources next to network activity(here it is 1)

Planning board is main work are in MRS here we can assign resources on respective days.

We can assign assignments to resources and split assignment to multiple days.

We can do may other things like  time allocation, leaves, color configurations(to identify task status)

Planning Board.png

Some Important t-codes of MRS(PS and PM related) —

OPUU – Maintain Network Profile Project Systems – Network and Activity

CJ2B – Change project planningboard Project Systems – Project Planning Board

OPT7 – Project planning board profile Project Systems – Project Planning Board

/MRSS/PLBOORGSRV – planning board (General) PM – Maintenance Orders

PAM03 – Graphical Operational planning (PAM) PM – Maintenance Notifications

CJ2C – Display project planningboard Project Systems – Project Planning Board

Below are important tables related to MRS and comments column will explain table contents in layman terms.





  Type G Capacity Graphs: Basic Availability w/o On-Call Times

Resource Assigned Hours


Capacity Graph Type H: Basic Availability

Resource Available Hours


Type B Capacity Graphs: W/o Cap. Assgmnts, w/ Reservations

Resource Adhoc Hours


Type A Capacity Graphs: W/ Cap. Assignments & Reservations

Remaining Hours


Time allocations for resources

Time Allocation


MRS Basis Assignments

Booked Hours


Informative Fields for Demand Items

Resource Utilization Hours


Data required for planning-relevant items

Demand Hours

In my next blog I will explain the BW MRS reports on top of tables  and other modules integration with MRS.

Other reference for MRS understanding:

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      Author's profile photo Gajesh Nagesh
      Gajesh Nagesh

      Hello Jay,

      Good one, some thing new.

      Thanks for Sharing

      Author's profile photo Abdul Khader Peedika Kandy
      Abdul Khader Peedika Kandy


      Is there any SAP standard MRS report available to check the list of activities, which are having resource assignment in a Project.

      If we input Project Number then the report should list all the activities with MRS assignment.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Jay,

      could you explain how to set coulours in the planning board?




      Author's profile photo Andre Njotohusodo
      Andre Njotohusodo

      Any site that provide ppt for download?