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SAP MDG & Salesforce Integration

SAP MDG & SFDC Integration:

Often in today’s world, we come across many cloud based products like Ariba, Salesforce being used by Organizations to deal with Procurement & Sales in their daily business.  Seamless integration is demanded between ERP & these cloud based applications without compromising on Data Quality. As Data plays a key role in any Company, compromising on data quality has ripple effects in Business Transactions. Hence it is very much needed to maintain Data quality and keep business intact along with maintaining quick turn-around between SAP & End-user facing solutions.

In the below blog, we will discuss real time scenario, where Salesforce is integrated with SAP and the role of Master Data Governance (SAP MDG) to improve the data quality.

  • A lack of a centralized, systematic review and approval of Customer data creation can lead to extensive data integrity issues such as duplicate records, inconsistent records.
  • On save of an Account in Salesforce an Interface is triggered, which creates a Change Request for Customers (Account Type: Prospect) in MDG. This Change Request appears in Data Stewards in-box for approval. Sales/Customer Service needs very quick turn-around time in-order to facilitate the SAP Quotation for these Prospects. Hence there are very minimal checks (duplicate & address Validation) that are needed for Prospects.
  • On Approval from Data-Steward (after performing business and Data Quality validation), Prospect is created in SAP and synchronized to Salesforce using Data Replication which facilitates further transactions in Salesforce.
  • Once the Quotation is approved, and ready to be converted to a Sales Order, Sales or Customer Service logs into Master Data Governance and requests for Account Group upgrade from Prospect to Sold-To. As Sold-To plays a critical role, this Change Request goes through a series of checks from teams like Accounts Receivables, Sales etc. this series of validations can be manual or can also be automated with different third-party systems.
  • Below are few examples of the validations:
  • Credit Team: 
    • Credit Team will perform the credit check using third-party services (manual or automated) before they approve the Customer creation.
  • Tax Team:
    • To verify Customers Tax Exemption certificates if any.
  • Data Steward/AR Team:
    • Will be responsible for performing a sanity check on the CR data and also enriching the Customer data as per the Company’s business policies.


Customer _ Acc Group.jpg

Technical Details:

  • Supplier Web service – BusinessPartnerSUITEBulkReplicateRequest_In is used to create Inbound Change Request for Customer.
  • MDG 7 Feature of changing the Account Group for Customer Master Data.
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