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Learn more about SAP HANA’s Powerful Analytic Capabilities at SAPPHIRE 2015

SAP HANA is a powerful, re-imagined, price-performant analytics platform, delivering real-time analytics and reporting to power a data-driven enterprise.Much of its benefits are due to how it unifies critical data analytics capabilities such as SQL, OLAP, Advanced Analytics and native EIM into a single platform. This enables enterprises to simultaneously achieve high performance computing at scale while simplifying their data processing infrastructure >>More


Many benefits of SAP HANA-powered scenarios include:

  1. Operationalizing your data pipeline
  2. Turbo-Charging complex analysis
  3. Simplifying processes making Agile BI possible
  4. Running Deeper Analytics

SAP HANA’s multi-engine processing allows it to run high-performance analytics and advanced analytics seamlessly.

Analytics: SAP HANA performs online analytical processing (OLAP) by applying dynamic multidimensional analysis of data stored in an in-memory relational model using Analytic / Calculation Views so business users can analyze without IT dependence.

Data is aggregated on-the-fly in real-time by taking advantage of SAP HANA’s in-memory columnar MPP architecture so the user gets “live” data when they access or drill into their report.

Predictive: Perform in-database data mining and statistical calculations using Predictive Analysis Libraries (PAL) and R-connector.

Spatial: Store, process, and visualize Geo data like points, lines, and polygons.

Text Analysis: Transform unstructured data into structured information for analytics and correlation with structured data sets. Text analysis also classifies relationships among entities for sentiment analysis. Learn more

Full-Text & Fuzzy Search: Access built-in search engine to process plain text and binary files.

To learn more, please visit the following SAPPHIRE/ASUG 2015 sessions:

Customer Sessions



Project Name



Analytics with SAP   HANA

HANA powers   Walmart’s Data Café

HANA Innovation Awards Finalist

Cisco Systems

Analytics with SAP   HANA

Rolling the DISE:   SAP HANA powers Cisco Sales Management Analytics

HANA Innovation Awards Story

Mead Johnson

Agile BI with SAP   HANA

An Agile BI   Approach: Mead Johnson Uses Better Data to Push Boundaries and Increase   Customer Value

ASUG Session SID   2166


Analytics with SAP   HANA

How   Delivered Real-Time Statistics to Fans with SAP HANA

ASUG   Session

Lockheed Martin   Space Systems

Predictive with SAP   HANA

How Lockheed Martin   Space Systems Uses Predictive Analytics to Forecast Supply Chain Management   Performance

ASUG   Session









Demo Station

Maximize Value of   Business Intelligence and Big Data with SAP HANA

Make agile business   intelligence (BI) real, at scale. Empower business users with immediate   insights and apply advanced analytics to handle both BI and Big Data   challenges. Identify new opportunities, reduce risk and fraud, and gain   competitive advantage with the SAP HANA platform.


Tue        11:00   a.m. – 04:00 p.m.

Wed        11:00   a.m. – 06:00 p.m.

Thu        12:00   p.m. – 05:30 p.m.


Demo Theater by Hinnerk Gildhoff

Gain Immediate   Insights into Real-Time Spatial Data

Learn how airlines   are using powerful spatial processing capabilities to gain real-time   operational intelligence. See how they are using the SAP HANA platform to run   what-if scenarios in split seconds to optimize their flight routes and   improve customer satisfaction.


Tue        02:00   p.m. – 02:20 p.m.

Thu        03:00   p.m. – 03:20 p.m.


Demo Theater by

Anthony Waite

Personalize and   Enhance the Fan Experience with Text Analysis

Find out how   organizations are breaking new ground by capturing the full value of   unstructured text. Learn how the U.S. National Basketball Association teamed   up with SAP to provide a real-time question-and-answer solution using text   analysis enabled by the SAP HANA platform.


Tue        02:00   p.m. – 02:20 p.m.

Thu        03:00   p.m. – 03:20 p.m.


Microforum by Ashish   Sahu

Apply Powerful   Analytics to Handle BI and Big Data

This discussion   examines the different types of advanced analytics supported by in-memory   computing, such as predictive, text, and spatial processing, and their   business value. Separate the signal from the noise in your business   intelligence (BI) and Big Data environments by applying powerful in-database   analytics provided in the SAP HANA platform.


Thu        02:00   p.m. – 02:45 p.m.


Microforum by Ashish   Sahu

Increase Business   Agility with a Powerful Analytics Platform

The discussion   explains the value a modern analytics platform can bring to your enterprise.   Learn how companies can improve business agility by using the SAP HANA   platform to harness all types of data.


Thu        04:00   p.m. – 04:45 p.m.


Demo   Theater by

Yoshitaka Okabe

Uncover Enterprise   Dark Data Using Graph Processing

Explore ways to tap   into data in e-mails, call logs, and social media. Discover how Mitsui   Knowledge Industry Co. Ltd. is using text analysis and graph processing   capabilities in the SAP HANA platform to consolidate and associate data from   different systems, enabling the company to move from silo searching to   transverse searching.


Partner Campus

Tue        01:30   p.m. – 01:50 p.m.


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