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SAP Lumira Server for BI Platform is now generally available!

Lumira server for BI platform is now generally available!

This is the native integration of Lumira content (lums files) with the SAP Business Objects BI platform, allowing you to save lumira documents to the BI platform, where they can be viewed, edited and refreshed from the BI Launchpad.


So the supported workflows for the initial relase will be as follows:-

  • Create a Lumira Document in Lumira Desktop
  • Save the Lumira document to Lumira, server for BI Platform
  • Open, Edit, Refresh & Save the document in the browser through BI launchpad
  • Scheduling of Lumira Documents based on UNX queries
  • Trusted Data Discovery
    • Trusted Data sources
    • Access Control of Lumira Desktop
    • Basic auditing of Lumira Documents


Lumira documents can now be managed in the same way as any other content on the BI platform, in folders with rights set at the appropriate level.

The initial scope of this release includes the following:-

Data source refresh

  • XLS / CSV / TXT Data sources
  • FHSQL support
    • MS SQL 2008
    • MS SQL 2012
    • Generic JDBC
    • Oracle 11
  • Universe Support .unx via Data Access Extensions

Document Management

  • View content in Story Viewer
  • Edit: Create Visualization & Stories
  • Refresh of initially supported sources
  • Save / Save As of documents

Enterprise Readiness

  • Distributed deployment
  • Clustering of Lumira Servers
  • Scheduling of Lumira Documents based on .unx
  • ESRI Support

Trusted Data Discovery (TDD)

  • Lumira Desktop access level control (SP5 Patch 3)

For a little more detail on the new Lumira server for BI platform take a look at Gowda Timma Ramu posts here.


In the past there was a previous integration available for the SAP Business Objects BI platform. This release completely replaces any prior integration and dependencies. For further information on the prior integration and its replacement see the following post.

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  • Hi Adrian,

    1. Could you tell me whether Lumira Server for BI Platform is an update/addon for existing product or a new product altogether? Currently I only see three of them, Lumira desktop edition; Lumira Server, SAP Hana enterprise edition; and Lumira, Edge edition.
    2. Is there any document for the initial scope release?
    3. Do you know what is the roadmap for Lumira Server? Whether they will keep all versions or will there be one of them become obsolete?

    Thank you.

  • /
  • Same problem for me. Unable to see the installation package with "No Data available". Maybe we've to wait a little bit...and it will appear.

  • I did find it and have it already installed on BI4.1 SP5 fixpack 3. Works great. Refreshing a story based on a query made with the unx query panel extension (in Lumira Desktop 1.25) also works as promised!

  • I cannot find the item on the path from the screenshot (Software Downloads > Browse our download catalog > Analytics Solutions). These are the available options for my user:


    • Hi,

      I also can't see the download link the same as in Francisco case. Also can't find documentation on the portal (the docs are only for Team Server).

      Best regards,


    • Hi Thomas, I tried to check the Portal with my S account which is linked to an SAP Partner (and also asked a colleague to test) and the result is still the same, i.e., the link to the software is not there.

      Surely there would be no restrictions to SAP Partners for GA software.

      Another user ( mentioned that the link would "take a while to propagate". Perhaps that is the issue?

    • Hi Dean,

      I'm happy to answer these kind of questions internally in detail. Please shoot me a mail for that if you need. 

      In short:

      1.  lumira desktop has already both URL and Dynamic text component. so you can navigate away from .lums file to 'something else'

      2. When saved to BIP, the lumira document has a CUID in the FRS. So you could call it/invoke it using a URL, yes.

      the gotcha :

      There is currently no neat way of hyperlinking dynamically from dimension values (or a disaggregated measure) to an external URL.  (i.e. each dimension value should be formatted dynamically into a URL string, so that each row is pointing its own unique target). I have tried various chart components, namely :   Table ,  Tagcloud,  Numberpoint. I've also tried "Dynamic Text" .  I've tried infographics and storyboards both. no difference.

      Conclusion -   This missing feature has been classed as an enhancement request BITBIHANA-1616  and is planned for H2 2015.



    • Hi Cerussi,

      Yes, it works without HANA .

      Lumira Server for BI Platform is just add on your current BI platform landscape.



      • Hi Rahul,

        Am a little confused now. 'Lumira Add-on for BIP just creates a service, which is responsible for rendering the story, managing datasets; It still needs Lumira server installed on HANA XS engine to perform the computations and return the data'. This was my understanding of the add-on.

        Now, this new 'Lumira Server for BI Platform' discussed, is it the same as 'Lumira Add-on for BIP'?

        • Hi Kiran,

          no it´s not the same. The Add-On for BIP act´s as an interface between BIP and HANA which hosts the Lumira Server! The Lumira Server for BIP runs on top of BIP without an HANA! This has some restrictions but it works!

          Kind regards


  • We are confused as well. Our PARTNER s-ID lets us see most downloadable media including LUMIRA Desktop / Server (Hana) / Teams. We cannot see SAP LUMIRA SERVER FOR BIPLATFM anywhere. I thought that Lumira 1.25 was the "new" Team Server but when i try to install it over BOE4.1 SP5 it complains that it cannot install on BOE4.1 Platforms in general period. Installing Lumira 1.25 on its own does not seem to provide BOE4.1 integration. What gives? What are we missing?

    ... Losing good business because of this.


    • Hi, Angel,

      Just so that you know - you are not alone not able to download SAP Lumira Server for BI Platform 😉 . I can't also access it on SMP and start using right away. I've also contacted SAP regarding this issue and per my knowledge there are some internal issues inside SAP which prevents us from seeing this solution in SMP.

      SAP Lumira Server for Teams won't work as it's a standalone platform. We should wait for SAP Lumira Server for BIP.

      Best regards,


  • For the partners out there that are having issue with access, please try looking on SMP again. I believe the issue has been resolved, if you are still unable to see it --there could be an issue with how your test & demo is set up and you should contact your partner manager but the partners that were expereincing issues in North America that I am aware of have now been resolved as of May 13th.

      • Hi, Anuj,

        Here is the path - SMP / Download Software / Installations and Upgrades / A-Z / L / SAP LUMRIRA SERVER FOR BIPLATFM / SAP LUMIRA SERVER FOR BIPLAT 1 / Installation .

        Best regards,


  • Hi there - I could find and download a BuildVersion=

    which look like to be the long for waited Bi Addon - but is not named as such - why?

    I found it as SAP LUMIRA SERVER FOR BIPLATFM... the ADD-ON Entry was still empty...

    Can you clarify the naming conventions - I don't want to discuss this type of confusion with my customers .... 😕




    • Hi,

      it sounds like you want "SAP LUMIRA SERVER FOR BIPLATFM"

      .. and if you can't see it, then you need to log a ticket to the download support team.

      Component: XX-SER-SAPSMP-SWC  



      • Yeah I want SAP LUMIRA Sercver for BI PLATFM but tor example the setup ini

        tell sme:



        and if you unzip the installfile the folder is called:


        So I think there is a bit of a description mismatch in your installfiles - otherwise  I - as a user - will be confused about using the term Teamserver for the BI platform - that would be totally new expression for bo bi platform.

        I allready installed in on my BI Platform 4.1 sp5 patch 5 - but the lumira samples will only just by chance displayed- in firefox more often  - it never shows in IE9 - maybe not supported - I will have to check the respective pam/par and other documentations...

        Also editing is not included in this version ?

        So there is still some dev. on this needed

        - Wobi

        • Product descriptions can be confusing indeed, but the BI-addon is exactly the same as the standalone version of Lumira Team Server (Lumira Edge). The only difference is that the add-on integrates into your BI platform.

          As for editing: only the samples can not be edited (just like in Lumira Team Server). Your own lums-files can be edited without any problems. In my opinion the add-on does exactly what I expected in this release.

          • I am sorry but the whole
            lumira concept is still missing important points - and enterprise integration
            would be very important - but since I am on the most recent sp and patch and it
            still does not work properly I think you have to go back to dev and bring
            better tools to the front.

            Lumira does not handle
            saplogon.ini - latest update shows up again with "not finding" the
            saplogon.ini - I had this already before - so why does it not fit in existing
            SAP or BO deployment?

            Sorry I am rather
            disappointed than pleased -

            Wobi 😯

          • Wobi

            Are you engaged with any of our enablement programs around Lumira?  do you speak to any of our program leads in your region?

            i'm not convinced you're getting the most out of this product by interfacing like this on this blog ..

            send me a private message if you want to know more



          • i'd also appreciate it if you could solicit feedback in a more friendly manner.  You're a little wide of the community spirit here..

          • Dear Henry I am not a big seller, I am doing my work at the DSAG and the BO-Stammtisch here in vienna - and I would be willing to give you my feedback also in a private message - but that's not working since we are not "Friends" or sg. like that... but you can contact me: via Boug  if you want ...

            - wobi

  • So I can export to BI platform with Add-on installed, excitement builds, but when I open in IE9 it just waits, waits, waits.... excitement subsides.

    Switch to Chrome, opens and all is great.

    Tried IE11 as well, still not opening, although presents differently, just blank but with an empty story drop down list displayed. Firefox was okay too, intitially. Switching to edit mode killed it though.

    I push users to IE where possible, but this breaks that model! Is Lumira through BI Platform supported in IE?

    (Update, went back and reopened the Lumira object in IE11 and it worked the 2nd time. Will need to put in my user guide that you need to open, close and open for it to work!

    No edit mode though. Wierd! And an error appears for the viz object that has a linear regression (works in client though).  Same approach did not work in IE9 though. Firefox also won't open at all on 2nd attempt. Oh....woe).

    Great in Chrome though!

    4.1 - 5.4

    • Chrome, IE10, and IE11 are suported. Not IE9

      Here is the link to the Product availability matrix.

      If you follow the links towards the end of my post to Ramu's blog post there is a lot more information on the current scope of Lumira Server for BI platform, as well as the PAM.

      • Thanks for clarifying that and linking to the PAM. Are there plans to make the product compatible with Firefox?

        Another notable absence from the PAM is Predictive Analytics. We have noticed that we can configure the BI Platform Server on SAP Predictive Analytics' Expert Analytics, which is essentially Lumira desktop. We can publish to Explorer as a dataset, but it does not look like we can publish the stories, can we?


        • Hi Francisco,

          I have the option to 'Publish to SAP BI'.


          But I haven't configured nor installed any components to actually do this. Are you using PA 2.0?

          With kind regards,

          Martijn van Foeken | Perfect for People

          • 'Publish to SAP BI' is no longer used (not an option anymore in 1.25).

            To share conentent with the BI 4.1 platform use the 'save as' option.

            Please ensure you are using Lumira 1.25 or the latest PA 'expert analytics'.

  • I am sorry, I am still confused..

    So what do I really need to view/refresh Lumira reports/dashboards on the SAP BI 4.1 platform?
    Do I just Need to install an Add-On on the existing SAP BI 4.1 Server platform, or do I need to install a separate Lumira platform (on HANA or Lumira Edge/Team Version) as well?

    And what are the restrictions if any, if I am not using Lumira running on SAP HANA Server?

  • Answering my own question:

    There seem to be three distinct scenarios how to deploy Lumira Server:

    • Install SAP Lumira on SAP HANA/ xs Engine
    • Install SAP Lumira Team Server (Windows only at this time) with its own velocity engine (=no SAP HANA needed)
    • Install the Lumira Server Add-on for SAPBI, which requires an existing SAP BI 4.1 Server and installs on top a Lumira Service (similar to a Webi Proc Server, etc.)., which can be administered via CMC. Note: At this time this Lumira Server Add-on is for Windows Server only and utilizes the "velocity engine".
      This Scenario offers the best Integration of Lumira with SAP BI 4.1 IMHO. Make sure you size your SAP BI 4.1 server accordingly for more RAM and CPU power, when installing this Lumira Server add-on on top.
    • Andreas, don't forget that the Lumira server add-on for SAP BI provides compose only access, unless you want to provide your users with write access to your published docs. Alternatively you need to be able to instruct them all on how to save to favourites, then find, and then re-open, before any useful data discovery/exploration can occur (refer comments here : ( Working with Lumira Document in BI Launchpad).

      Explorer is still looking good to me for the moment. A lot fewer limitations, and Mobile App friendly.

  • Where is the install for Lumira BO 41 components?  I see only desktop and team installs.  Why?  Do I need to contact our SAP reps to get access? Surely the Lumira servers are not that special that they require special permissions

    • Hi Jon,

      As mentioned earlier in the comments you need to have the right autorizations to see any software. It's listed so please contact your SAP contact person to resolve.


      With kind regards,


  • Hi Adrian,

    We were able to download and install Lumira server for BI platform, and it looks cool. Do you know if the roadmap includes refresh with UNV as a data source? I am a little surprised here as we have the ability to create content using UNV, but no refresh capability in BI Launch Pad. This will be a huge bebefit to folks who are yet to migrate to UNX architecture.



    • Prashanth,

      For now it is UNX only with the 'new' query panel extension, due to the better experience and fuller set of capabilities for query building when using this in Lumira.

      We do also plan to add support for unv refresh in future release.


  • Hi - is there a plan to integrate Lumira for BI Platform with Fiori? Currently Lumira Server for HANA is integrated with Fiori so i'm wondering if this functionality will be extended to Lumira for BI Platform.


    • Hello,

      We plan to support OpenDoc in Lumira Server for BI Platform.

      You can consider using FIORI hyperlink tiles with OpenDoc URL for Lumira Document.



      • Thanks for the response Ramu. A follow up question, is OpenDoc currently supported with Lumira BI Platform 1.25 or 1.27 or will it be supported sometime in the future? I checked the PAM but there was no mention of OpenDoc support.


  • I have a few customers waiting on the answer to the following questions.

    1.) What is the roadmap (time line) for allowing Data Source Refresh on HANA Connected Lumira Documents?

    2.) What is the roadmap (time line) for allowing custom components to be supported?

    3.) Has anyone at SAP conducted a load test to determine the scalability of the Lumira in-memory engine on the platform? For example, how many CPU and what Quantity of RAM can support 100 million cells. Is there a limit or break point where SAP HANA should be considered...assuming we get question 1 GA.

    • Hello,

      #1, We plan to support HANA Online and Offline connections in H2 2015. in the meantime, you can consider using UNX and Generic JDBC for HANA Offline scenarios.

      #2, I assume you are referring to Viz/DA Extensions, the support for these extensions in Lumira Server for BI Platform is planned for H2 2015.

      #3, you can refer to Sizing guide for details in following location, Lumira Sizing Guide

      hope this helps.


      • Hi Ramu: This is good article and provided lot of valuable information.

        I am using offline connection to HANA and build the Lumira reports.

        How can I refresh the data everyday?

        Can I use the SAP LUMIRA SERVER ON BI SERVER for this data refresh for SAP HANA OFFLINE?



          • The last I checked, version 1.27 did not support refresh to SAP HANA online or offline within the BILP. To the best of my knowledge, you would have to build a Universe against the HANA information view and then build your Lumira document based the UNX to refresh. -- I believe generic JDBC also works but I have never tested.

          • Hi Jonathan: Apprecaite for your quick response.

            You are saying we can use JDBC connection to HANA database for refreshing the data without using the universe.

            If we are using SAP Lumira server installed on HANA database can we refresh HANA offline data source.



          • Yes I did a unx based Lumira too - but schedule stil fails - I am able to open a unx based lumira directly within the browser to see the story though.-


          • Did you use the SAP Universe Query Panel Extension to create the Lumira document Query? For some reasons there are two Universe query panel options in Lumira 1.27.


          • Ah, well I just discovered that there is an additional Option especially for unx universes - "For some reasons there are...." - I hope it will merge to one universe Option in Future - how to explain this split to the users? -

            But main Point scheduling works now -since I used the Special unx creation thingy...

            Thanx Jonathan!

            - Wobi