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No Correction Due to Value Changes (Rebate)

Hello All,

With this blog post I intend to inform you a very common issue I come across sometimes and I have to get them solved. From my experience it is simpler than many people might think to resolve. The errors  happens sometimes while running billing indexes update for rebate agreements in ERP SD. There are already some KBA/Notes which explain in details but from my experience the one who faces that error still need to  know which exactly condition is causing the error and what type of the error that condition contains.

It happens when a SAP ERP SD user who perform rebate functionality come accross a very common error which description is “No Correction due to value change”. First of all some know notes users should know, SAP KBA/Note 1498158 you find an explanation of the causes of error message “No Correction due to value change” in VBOF. I describe below how to find out the specific cause and then you can go back to SAP KBA/Note for which solution to employ.

Possible causes:

1. Userexit or custom formulas in pricing

2. Change of customizing pricing procedure after the creation of billing

document, for example:

  • Change of condition exclusion customizing
  • Pricing condition removed
  • Mandatory flag set
  • Statistical flag changed
  • Sequence of conditions changed

But my ERP SD document has so many conditions. How do I know what was changed ?

Even reading KBA/Notes currently in place you do not know exactly which is the condition affected, and how it was affected. It is essencial to solve the issue faster without even requesting SAP Support assistance.

Now I would like to provide a debugging example which you can find out by yourself the specific condition that raises the error described in

the note.

To make sure which condition is causing the error a simple debugging can assist technique can be very helpful:

On SDBONT06 program set a breakpoint on:

  PERFORM bonus_ermitteln CHANGING rc. (later F6 on it)


Run VBOX transaction (SDBONT06 program):

When breakpoint is stop perform F6 and compare the internal tables content below:

xKOMV presents condition values after pricing update type I

oKOMV presents condition values before pricing update type I

– If it is different conditions (added or deleted) then it is pricing procedure issue..

– If it is different condtion values then is due to non SAP Standard formula cause.


Just for your information VBOF does not affect other conditions that are non Rebate ones. The fields you choose to monitor changes between those two table are the same:


If value is changed check if there is non SAP Standard formulas, e.g: 9**, all the condition with formulas are re-evaluated and have value changes.

xKOMV (new condition value, after update pricing)


000010      003   Z002     146.00     99000.00    14454.00           Y

000010      005   Z001     114.00     99000.00    11286.00

000010     680   Z897         0.00            10.00          240.20            X

000010     850   UTXD 1000.00      11286.00   11286.00             X

000010     851   UTXE         0.00     11286.00             0.00             X

000010     852   XR1          60.00     11286.00       677.16         <<<<<<<<<<<<<< Here is the difference of value found !!!

000010     853   XR2           0.00     11286.00             0.00

000010     854   XR3           0.00     11286.00             0.00 

000010     855   XR4           0.00     11286.00            0.00 

000010     856   XR5           0.00     11286.00             0.00 

000010     857   XR6           0.00     11286.00             0.00

000010      903   SKTO        0.00     11963.16            0.00              X

000010     908   VPRS        1.09     99000.00    10818.21              X

000010     949   ZFSU  1000.00              0.00             0.00              X

000010     950   ZCFC         0.00     46926.00            0.00               X

oKOMV (old values, before update values)


000010     003   Z002     146.00     99000.00    14454.00           Y

000010     005   Z001     114.00     99000.00    11286.00 

000010     680   Z897          0.00            10.00         240.20          X

000010     850   UTXD  1000.00     11286.00    11286.00          X

000010     851   UTXE         0.00     11286.00             0.00          X

000010     852   XR1          60.00     11286.00            0.00

000010     853   XR2            0.00     11286.00             0.00

000010      854   XR3            0.00     11286.00             0.00

000010     855   XR4            0.00     11286.00             0.00

000010      856   XR5            0.00     11286.00             0.00

000010      857   XR6            0.00     11286.00             0.00

000010      903   SKTO         0.00     11286.00             0.00         X

000010      908   VPRS         1.09     99000.00    10818.21         X

000010      949   ZFSU   1000.00              0.00             0.00         X

000010      950   ZCFC          0.00     46926.00             0.00         X

Now that you have the information for this specific case, you know that error is caused by a value change in XR1 condition value.

In SAP kba/note 1498158 you find resolution for both causes:

   – Conditions with value changed is in note 456458.

   – New/Missing condition recommendation is in note 388112.

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      Author's profile photo Maria Du
      Maria Du

      thank you. it is helpful. I will also post it in CN WEIBO later.

      Author's profile photo Jaroslaw Rewinski
      Jaroslaw Rewinski

      Thank you very much! Clearly and effectively. I resolved my problem based only on your instructions.


      Author's profile photo N Soni
      N Soni

      I faced an issue when sometimes none of the above provided two option solves this issue in VBOF.

      I solved the issue by simply saving invoice one more time in VF02 transaction. This way old netwr & new netwr values are not showing any difference. After this step VBOF ran without any issue.