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How to maintain missing enrties in TJ07 via customizing


Due to various reasons, some entries might be missing in TJ07 for system status and business transaction. For example, entries with Z business transaction are missing after system upgrade.


Missing customizings or data loss during system upgrade. As the table is maintained by SAP only. Upgrade will overwrite the whole table.


Assuming entry [ system status I1002 – business transaction ZZZZ ] is missing in TJ07. Follow the steps below.

  1. execute tcode BS22;
  2. go to system status I1002;
  3. double click on I1002 to navigate to “maintain transaction control”;
  4. go to ZZZZ and check radio for either Allowed, Warning or Forbidd;
  5. save;
  6. go to table TJ07 in SE16 and I1002 – ZZZZ can be found in it.

In TJ07,

  • Allowed = MODKZ 1
  • Warning = MODKZ 2
  • Forbidd = MODKZ 3


When executing tcode BS22, an information will be displayed on bottom left corner, specifying that this table is maintained by SAP only and system upgrade will overwrite the whole table. Thus please use standard system status and business transactions rather than creating z system status or z business transaction.

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