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1505 Integration and Extensions Release Highlights

These are the integration and extensions release highlights for the May 2015 release. Please note that these are planned and release schedule may change for any reason.

Talent Hybrid Deployment Model

Productized integration components supporting Full Cloud HCM

The product manager responsible for Talent Hybrid productized integrations is Yamini Polisetty. The Engineering product owner for Talent Hybrid integrations is Ashwani Kumar

1505 talent hybrid release highlights.png

SuccessFactors Onboarding integration with SAP ERP HCM Phase II

Feature Description:  SuccessFactors Onboarding helps organizations consistently and efficiently turn new hires into engaged, empowered and productive employees. SAP ERP HCM customers using SuccessFactors Onboarding application can now trigger the onboarding process for future hires from SAP ERP HCM.

onboarding process integration phase II.png

SuccessFactors Offboarding integration with SAP ERP HCM

Feature Description:  SuccessFactors Offboarding solution helps to prepare an employee for their departure by assisting with the completion of important tasks, such as exit interviews, finalizing paperwork, returning of company property and ensuring that proper benefits are provided to the exiting employee. The solution automates the processes associated with employee offboarding and can ease the transition and offer the necessary tools to HR personnel and exiting employees. Accurate and timely integration of offboarding information with the Core HR system mitigates compliance and security risks.

SAP ERP HCM customers using SuccessFactors Offboarding application can now trigger the offboarding process from SAP EPR HCM. Offboarding information from SuccessFactors Offboarding will be sent back to SAP ERP HCM in an upcoming release.

offboarding process integration.png

Full Cloud HCM Deployment Model

Productized integration components supporting Full Cloud HCM

1505 full cloud HCM highlights.png

Employee Central Integration with Microsoft Active Directory

Employees in an organization use Active directory to access the systems in the organization’s network. For e.g. when a user logs into a computer that is part of the Microsoft Windows domain, active directory checks the submitted password and determines whether a user is allowed to login to the network. SuccessFactors Employee Central now has a packaged integration to connect with Microsoft Active Directory. The integration supports creation of user account in Active Directory for new hires added to Employee Central, deactivation of user account on termination of employee, and synchronization of employee master data changes. The product manager for this integration is Yamini Polisetty

SAP IDM Integration with SuccessFactors Employee Central

Feature Description:  SAP Identity Management 8.0 (IDM) now connects with SuccessFactors Employee Central. Two scenarios are supported. In the first scenario, user accounts can be managed in SuccessFactors Employee Central and identity propagation can be initiated in SuccessFactors Employee Central and sent to SAP IDM, which will then propagate the information to all other SAP and 3rd Party systems connected to IDM. In a second scenario, user accounts can be managed in SAP IDM and identity propagation can be initiated in SAP IDM and sent to SuccessFactors Employee Central. The Employee Central Integration product manager responsible for this is Naresh Purohit Read more about it in the blog post.

Replication of translation in organizational structure objects to ERP Organizational Management (OM) objects

Feature Description:  Customers can now replicate translated names and descriptions of business units, divisions, and departments to the SAP ERP system.

Replication of matrix manager relationship in Employee Central to ERP Organizational Management (OM)

Feature Description:  Customers who create job relationships such as matrix manager or HR manager in Employee Central can now replicate the same into organizational management (OM) module in ERP. SAP provides a sample Business Add-In Implementation in SAP ERP along with an end-to-end description.

The product manager responsible for the above two integrations is Olga Kreindlina

Extension Frameworks and APIs

New features of the extension capabilities that we want to highlight to customers. Andy Yen is responsible for this area.

MDF is SuccessFactors end-to-end Application Development and Extensibility Platform.  MDF provides businesses with the ability to extend their HR processes by creating custom objects and configure business validations through the rules engine and workflow. Using MDF, customers can easily build extensions of their existing HR processes such as Pension Plan Management, Asset Management and Tuition Reimbursement.

Time-Off User Interface can be configured using MDF

Feature Description: The user interface for Time Off functionality can now be configured using the MDF application development and extensibility platform. The product manager responsible for MDF functionality is Abhijit Salvi

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      Is there any offboarding solution available for inter-department clearances through workflow in Success Factors, similar to eSeparation in SAP HCM.

      If so, could you provide the presentation or link pls.