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Play the game to see if you are a rock star blogger!

***Please note, the video and game will close on June 30th, 2016.

Rock star campaign.jpg

Whether you’ve been blogging since the invention of the internet or you are just getting started, there is room for improvement. Depending on how you approach it, your blog could be a huge sensation, or a complete flop. 

In recent months, SCN Community Managers have received a lot of feedback about blogs that didn’t quite meet expectations. In SAP Mentor, Fred Verheul’s blog, What Kind of Blog Posts do we want on SCN?, he asks bloggers to stop publishing marketing blogs. Though he doesn’t give specific instructions for how to blog, the comments posted to his blog (which has 38,000+ views) make it clear that Community visitors want blogs of substance.

So how can you make sure that your blog contribution is viewed as positive?

  1. Watch the Rock Star video lesson
  2. Play the Rock Star game – a little bit like Candy Crush with tricky questions peppered in to test your blogging skills.
  3. Posting on SCN? It’s a great place to start with 2.5 million+ visitors per month. Be sure to read the Rules of Engagement.
  4. Check out which content is most popular in the topic you are going to cover. It will help you gauge your audience and determine what they value.
  5. Be ready for feedback and respond quickly and professionally.

Take your Blogging to Rock Star Status

This is one of the most fun ways to become a Rock Star Blogger:

1. Click here to watch a brief and very entertaining video to learn blogging best practices. These tips and tricks will help you gain followers and positive engagement.

jason & rock star.png

2. Play the Rock Star blogger game to test your knowledge. Once you complete a level of play, a question will appear. Answer correctly to move onto the next level.


3. Share your scores via the social widgets to show off your knowledge and get others to improve their skills.

share widget.png

There are 20 levels of play, which get more challenging as you progress. Each level poses a new question from the Rock Star video lesson. As you progress, you will get closer and closer to gaining the ultimate high score.

How to Play the Game – Think Candy Crush!

game board.png

  • Match 3 or more of the same colored items in a row by using your mouse to switch them around.
  • Building a row of 4 of the same colors will award you with bonus items.
  • Build rows with the bonus item to remove an entire line.
  • The more items you combine, the more points you will score.
  • Hint: When you see 3 items spinning on the board, this is showing you a possible move.
  • Hint: Answer blogging questions as quickly as possible to get more points.

Earn Your Spot on the Rock Star Stage

Once you’ve completed the game, take your place on the Rock Star stage by posting your next blog in the “write tone” on SAP Community Network.

Rock On!

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  1. Matt Fraser

    Love the video! Of course, I have to ask, the comments shown from Jeanne, Marilyn, Caroleigh, and others… it’s a setup, right? Or is “Joe” some poor unsuspecting SAP employee who got pounded on and made an example of? πŸ˜‰

    Ok, I’ve never played Candy Crush, so I think the game may be a bit of a challenge…

    1. Former Member Post author

      Hi Matt,

      Glad you like the video! No worries, the blog was crafted for educational purposes. πŸ™‚

      Once you get the hang of the game, it becomes pretty addicting! Good luck!

  2. Susan Keohan

    I loved the video with Jason Lax but I must admit to getting confused on the game.  I may have to let my kids do that portion, then I’ll blog about how Millennials are so much better at those types of games πŸ˜‰

    1. Former Member Post author

      Hi Sue,

      It took me a few tries to get used to the game too. To start off, try waiting for 3 game board items to spin. Then use your mouse to shift one piece into the same row as the others. So if you shift the purple triangle up to join the other two, you’ll earn points. It’s all about matching 3 of the same color/shape in a row. Hope this helps!

      game board.png

    1. Former Member Post author

      Hi Custodio,

      Sorry to hear that the Candy Crush bit turns you off. After an extensive search for a game that complimented the “Rock Star” theme, we decided on this. I wanted to keep it light, fun & slightly addictive with a bit of challenge as you progress. Hope you enjoyed the video!


  3. Midhun VP

    Loved the video Jason Lax  you are a good actor too.

    This is a nice creative approach to learn blogging tips.

    I might not have the patience to play. I played candy crush first time (may be for the last time too) couple of months back when my cousin sister got stuck in a level and forced me to complete the level 😐

  4. Alex Pegorini

    Some sound advice on the basic considerations for an individual blog post but a successful blog also needs a coherent content strategy to have legs

  5. Jelena Perfiljeva

    Long before Candy Crush there was Bejeweled – look up “Candy Crush honest trailer” on YouTube. Unless you play obsessively the “match 3” games are actually quite good for you. Well that’s what I’ve been telling myself. 😳

    Maybe next time we can do an SAP variety of ‘Plants vs. Zombies’, eh? πŸ˜‰

    1. Former Member

      Exactly, Bejeweled was so addictive, I had to remove it from my phone to make myself more productive.

      I spent a good 2 hours today on this game πŸ˜› , can you please remove it as it makes hardworking people unproductive πŸ˜†

    1. Former Member Post author

      Hi Silvio-

      I would have replied sooner, but I was on vacation last week with no connection.

      Did you try visiting the landing page and scrolling down to watch the video? I just double checked on Chrome and had no issues accessing. Please let me know if the problem persists.

    1. Michael Appleby

      After you complete each level, you have the opportunity to enter your nickname and hit the Enter button.  If you just hit the Next Level button, your results will not be saved.

      Regards, Mike

      SAP Technology RIG

  6. Rohit Singh

    Awesome… loved the video…Had to use hint (spinning blocks) to clear first round 😯  

    I used to be so good in gaming during my college days… I guess my job ruined me 😎

  7. Steffi Warnecke

    The video is just ridiculously awesome! 😎 And the mission icon rocks, too! That’s one of the reasons I wanted it in my badge collection. πŸ˜€

    I never played Bejeweled and Co, but of course Tetris and Columns and I loooooved them. I still have Tetris for my Gameboy at home. ^^ The gameplay is so simple, but I think it really helps you to get faster at surveying a situation and make a decision. Also… eye-hand-coordination booster.

      1. Jodi Fleischman

        Thanks Audrey, for the mention, and how cool to hear I have a fan ;).  It’s always a fun time brainstorming on badge designs with the SCN gamification team! 

  8. Former Member


    Once we make it to level 20, is there another challenge to the mission, or is that it? Other than, of course, continuing to spend lunch time playing obsessively? πŸ™‚



    1. Former Member Post author

      Hey Gretchen,

      Sorry for the delay in response, I was on vacation. πŸ™‚

      Just the 20 levels in the mission. Sounds like you are a true Rock Star!!!

  9. Former Member

    No blogging..I just want to be a Rock Star..Is there a course from SAP for that?

    Could sing about HANA and Watson and Artificial, Intelligent Love?

    Thanks  –  Rock on


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