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Video lesson number-2: How to create a simple vocabulary on SAP HANA Rules Framework?

In this lesson Rob Case shows how to create a simple vocabulary on SAP HANA Rules Framework


The vocabulary is one of the basic resources of SAP HANA Rules Framework it is used to describe a business universe, which consists of data objects, outputs, actions, and aliases. The vocabulary is the interface between SAP HANA Rules Framework and the underlying data model of the consuming application.

The vocabulary is used by business users to express the business logic either with the rule expression language, or with the selection of actions and outputs to be performed. We recommend to create the vocabulary as simple and as readable as possible – as it is exposed to the business user. Therefore – technical names should be changed to meaningful names, unnecessary data objects and\or attributes should not be exposed and complex associated tables structures (due to normalization) should be reduced to flat structures (via views)…


Here is a link to a video describes how to install SAP HANA Rules Framework’s modeling tools which is a prerequisite for the lesson itself, and here is the link for the video of lesson number-2


In the next lesson Rob will explain how to create outputs and actions...

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  • Hi Noam,

    Excellent blog/tutorial.


    I m wondering i we can create a vocabulary without using Data Objects ( No tables ) ?

    If i just want to create a decision table with 1 input ( not coming fro a catalog object), and give a structure back, how i can achieve this ?

    2. Is it possible in a rule set to use the output of a rule as input or context variable in another rule inside the same ruleset?

    Thanks in advance,



    • Hi Moo,

      Good questions!

      1. Currently you have to model a table (which can stay empty off-course) and  then in the rule service you point to this object (read more about rule service in our dev. guide on SAP Market Place).

      2. We do not support it yet (at least not in a straight forward way).

      BR, Noam

      • Hi Noam,

        Thanks for your answers.

        I have another question : i'm not beeing able to create a simple rule using the HRf web application.

        I get the following error:

        Could not activate rule instance. Internal error: Technical error occurred - HrfException: Failed to create repository object: HRF_Basic_Rules::SimpleRule.hprrule Error: invalid file path

        Any idea/suggestion?



        • Hi Moo,

          It seems that the package HRF_Basic_Rules is missing on your HANA... You have to go to the HANA studio and create this package...

          BR, Noam

  • Hello Noam,

    thank you for this introduction into the SAP HANA Rules Framework vocabulary concept. However, whatever table I drop into the Data Foundation, it is marked with a red dot and I cannot expand it the Details view:

    SAP HANA Development.png

    Despite I believe I got all the relevant authorizations


    Would you perhaps know how to trouble shoot/resolve this?

    Many thanks in advance


      • Hello Noam,

        I could get around the issue by using tables that I created in my own scheme.

        However, I would still be interested in understanding, whether it was possible to use SHINE content as the basis for my vacabulary.

        Many thanks in advance again


          • Hello Avi,

            the SAP HANA Interactive Education (SHINE) content is part of every HANA Installation, and I would like to use it for my HRF vocabulary. Would you know whether this was possible?

            Best regards


          • Hello Frank,

            This should not be a problem. you can build a vocabulary on top of any HANA table or view.

            Actually, few months ago the SHINE team built a demo using HRF.

            Thanks, Avi.