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Hi All,

as you may have noticed, the current version of Chrome (V42) does not support Silverlight out of the box anymore.

Silverlight is based on the NPAPI plulgin API, which is now disabled by default in the last Chrome release.

You can make Silverlight work again by performing the following steps:

1: open chrome

2: go to url chrome://flags/#enable-npapi

3: click the „Enable“ button under „Enable NPAPI“

4: restart chrome

5: go to url chrome://plugins  and make sure that the Silverlight plugin is enabled

6: Silverlight should work again.

Best Regards,

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  1. Michael Waller

    Any word on a permanent fix for the problem?  Chrome has stated that all support for NPAPI will end September 2015 and the workaround will no long be valid.

    1. Former Member Post author

      There will be no permanent fix.

      The NPAPI support is going to be removed from Chrome in September 2015 completely. So either Microsoft provides an update for the plugin or Silverlight will not work anymore in Chrome after this date. The NPAPI API is deprecated since 2013. So this is no news.

      Microsoft has already remove Chrome for Mac from the Silverlight compatibility chart as Mac Chrome moved to a 64Bit architecture and Microsoft did not update the SL plugin to 64Bit. So it’s not working on the Mac anymore.

      I hope C4C will be fully accessible via HTML around this date. On the other hand, SL will still work on Firefox, IE and Safari (Mac).


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