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Blog it Forward – Enzo Yue

Hi every one,

I was blogged by my colleague Blog it Forward – Rachel Tang , and I really like this amazing idea, so I would like to thank Rachel for the invitation. If you are interested in it too, you may join it via Blog It Forward (BIF) Chain.

Who I am and What I do

My name is Yue Yiqian (岳一倩), Yue is my family name and I named myself as Enzo when I joined SAP (it would be easier for our colleagues from other countries to call me). Most of our Chinese colleagues would name English name by ourselves. Sometimes we even change our English name when we change to another company, it is amazing, right?

Currently I am a member of Enterprise Support Advisory Center at SAP, Subject Matter of Expert is HANA area. My team is supporting Enterprise Support to Implement/Run/Innovate Better and Simple. You may know more via following link & picture.


I was a Support Consultant focus on SD component when I started SAP since 2005, and I worked in that area for 4 years. Then I transferred to Enterprise Support Advisory Center. The main reason is that I want to work more closely with our customers, setting up more closed relationship with our customers. And being an Enterprise Support Advisor perfectly meet my goal here! I hold regular conference call with my customers, listening customer`s voice, reviewing customer system/project, guiding our customers to consume SAP Enterprise Support services. I always have a great sense of accomplishment when I got customer trust.

My personal life dream

My hometown is Dalian, a small city located Northeast of China. There is very beautiful sea, and beach. Of cause, BEST seafood in China! Clear four seasons, not too hot in summer,  not too cold in winter either. Dalian is famous in China, because of its delicious seafood, and nice weather.


In my personal life, I love traveling, and tasting delicious foods. So controlling my weight is always my first priority task. My husband is also working at SAP, we shared mentor after we join SAP, then got married. Now we have a 5 years old girl, named Lemon. So SAP, it really means something to me. I spent many important life stages here. And I
have 2 cat, one named – Ham, another one named – Roast Chicken.


Questions asked by Rachel

What is your professional life dream?

– Become an Engagement Architect.

What do you most enjoy on SCN?

– Gaining knowledge, and learn the most popular things.

Which country/city is your last stop in your last trip?

– Japan.

Blogging it Forward:


I’d like to blog it forward to the following people:

Maria Isabel Cifuentes Javier Menendez CalvoEcho Xia   Michael Moloney  David Moran  Gian ReisSarah Riolobos Jacky WangNoé Rodriguez Belinda Zhang  Jessica Facchin Lichee Yu

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