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  1. Heike Jensen

    Hello Himavanth,

    I fear you posted your question in the wrong SCN area. This area (SAP LT) deals with transformations in SAP Landscapes. With regards to currency, we offer currency conversion Services delivered by SAP Consulting only, as for example:  Generic local currency conversion (by organizational unit, for any source or target currency) Introducing, changing and deleting parallel local currencies Decimal point conversion, Changing the group currency and changing currencies for controlling areas, operating concerns, profit center accounting, CO objects, parallel ledgers, or valuation areas.

    Conversion means: existing (mass) application data is changed in the System according to the customer requirements.

    We do NOT offer currency customizing Consulting in general. You should pls. try to find a community where currency / Financials customizing is discussed.

    Best regards,


    1. Former Member Post author

      Hi Heike,

      Thank for your reply, I am the new to SCN and don’t know where do i have to post exactly so, i have posted here. Now i will post in Financial accounting.

      Once again thank you for your advise.




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