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EA-PS must be (or not) at the same level as SAP-APPL package

This post is useful for installations that use PSM-FM functionality (Funds Management).

This functionality is available in transaction SFW5, where the ENTERPRISE_EXTENSION EA-PS is activated.

When you upgrade SAP-APPL you must upgrade EA-PS also to the same level?


There is no information saying that YES, you must upgrade both together but I believe there are benefits to do so.


Sometimes when you upgrade SAP-APPL, you decide to keep EA-PS aligned (as described in note 1064635) but not in the same release/package level.


You may experience some errors or incorrect behavior for Funds Management data related to integrated postings with Materials Management, Controlling, Financials, Sales Order, Plant Maintenance and so on. Sometimes, it can be related to EA-PS out of sync with SAP-APPL.




I already experienced some errors where the solution was to upgrade EA-PS to the same level as SAP-APPL (release and package), such as:





  • Error FI057; “System error: Funds management update (VOBELNR,FM_DOCUMENT_CLOSE)”;



  • Error FI234; “Different FM fiscal years: Invoice XXXX for payment YYYYYYY”;



  • Error RE164; “Open amount from document XXX exceeded by 00,00 %”;



  • Error FMUP009; “GR reduction impossible. Wrong CI with FT 30 instead of 40”;



To align the subject, I am talking about the two packages below:



SAP-APPL includes FI, CO, MM, SD, PM, PP and so on. Formally is called Logistics and Accounting.
EA-PS       includes PSM-FM (Funds Management)



As pre-requisites you can consider the following:



  • You have activated Funds Management functionality (Enterprise Extension EA-PS is activated in transaction code SFW5, and


  • flags “Account Assignment Derivation” and/or “Activate Update in Funds Management” are activated in customizing path PSM ->
    Funds Management Government -> Actual and Commitment Update/Integration -> Activate/Deactivate Funds Management”).



You can check in transaction SPAM your current release/package information for the system.



For example, in case you find the following:


SAP-APPL Package EA-PS package
SAP-APPL EHP 4   package SAPKH60402     (Logistics and Accounting) EA-PS   ECC 600 package SAPKGPPD12     (Funds Management)



This is breaking the rule for the implementation of the Enhancement Packages as it is not aligned with SAP Note 1064635 that has the following:

EhP4 SPS02 — EhP3 SPS04 — EhP2 SPS05 — SAP ERP 6.0 SPS15



Therefore, to be aligned you must have:


SAP-APPL Package EA-PS package
SAP-APPL EHP 4   package SAPKH60402     (Logistics and Accounting) EA-PS    ECC 600 package SAPKGPPD15 (Funds Management)


My point is that better than being aligned is to upgrade together as follow:


SAP-APPL Package EA-PS package
SAP-APPL EHP 4   package SAPKH60402       (Logistics and Accounting) EA-PS    EHP 4   package SAPK-60402INEAPS     (Funds Management)


As there are new functionalities and corrections available in newer releases, you might have a more consistent system if you upgrade Funds Management together with Logistics and Accounting. In addition, after an upgrade all the main functionalities are usually tested therefore the test of upgrading Funds Management will be done anyway as Logistics and Accounting are integrated areas.



I do not see any big extra effort on upgrading EA-PS together with SAP-APPL but I see benefits on doing so. Anyway, SAP-APPL and EA-PS must be at least aligned as described in note 1064635.

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