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In this blog I want to describe a new feature which is already available via the traditional GUI and will be available in a future release via the Web User Interface in Enterprise Asset Management.

Creating follow on orders – what is behind it?

While inspecting a piece of equipment the technician discovers a defect. He has to confirm the results and his time for the inspection, but he has also the task to document that there is a follow on activity necessary. That this activity was related to an inspection is of very high interest for the maintenance manager. Therefore we created the new functionality to create follow-on orders. You can use this function to create maintenance orders as follow-on orders for an order or order operation.

When you create a follow-on order, you create a relationship to the preceding order or operation and you can display this relationship in the document flow.

You can create follow-on orders directly (transaction iw31), when changing or displaying an order (transactions iw32 and iw33), or when creating a confirmation (transaction iw41).

You can display the relationship between the preceding order and the follow-on order in a hierarchical structure.You can find more detailed information via this link.

This functionality is part of EhP7 Business Function “LOG_EAM_CI7” and do not require any additional license on top of the existing enterprise foundation license.

A direct access to more information on these new EAM features is available via the innovation discovery tool. You can access the tool here.

This functionality is delivered with SAP enhancement package 7 supportpackage 7 it has been downported up to SAP enhancement package  4

See  SAP Note 2115977

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  1. Former Member

    Hello. When I click on either of the links in this article, I get a logon prompt, even though I am already logged in to main SAP website. When I try to put my SAP website credentials in to this prompt, I get the following error message every time:

    A username and password are being requested by The site says: “SAP NetWeaver Application Server [W72/001]”

  2. Former Member

    Thank you Stephan for this information.

    i have a couple of questions;

    1) what is the difference between a follow-on order and a sub-order?

    2) are there any financial concerns we should have with follow-on orders? for example, do the costs roll up the same as a normal order, or is there a difference because there are two orders linked?

    3) is there a way to turn off follow-on orders in config or elsewhere?

    thanks again for this information.


    1. Stephan Bantlin Post author


      1. Sub order issomething different wehre you intend to cumulate the cost of all orders n one order. There is customizing for this available
      Follow on is for the purpose that when fixing an issue at one Equipment you notify an issue at another equipment. This happens for example in case of inspection rounds. Than you are able to identify how many follow on issues you found due to the inspections round

      2. No

      3. Switch of the relevant Business function . But than you loose the other functionality as well. 

      4. You need to have the authorithy to create orders

      best regards



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