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Hello People!

My name is Marcio and I work since 2007 in SAP Support BW Team, mainly in BEx and BI Java areas. Now I am part of SAP Design Studio Support team as well.

Looking at our downloads reports, we have started sending to the customers who are downloading Design Studio, the following “Get Started” information, in order to give basic information on how to install, use and learn this great product:

According to our system reports, we are aware that you have recently downloaded SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio. In order to make your work easier I
recommend that, as a starting point, you go through the administrator guide (which includes installation info), application development and end-user
information at link

Design Studio is a really flexible tool, allowing integration with SAP Portal (Netweaver), BI Platform (BIP) and SAP Hana. Depending on the desired scenario for your company, the specific guides are on the link above.

This is very important that, firstly, you check if your environment supports Design Studio. For that, please check carefully the “ProductAvailability Matrix” (PAM), where you are going to find information regarding OS, web browsers and other requisites.

The central link is (direct link to 1.4 version:

In case you need more details or there is any problem during the installation, configuration or usage, please read the notes below:

Other highly recommended notes:

Finally, the links below are extremely important to increase the knowledge on the tool, including practical examples, new functionalities and others:

Thanks for using Design Studio and always count with SAP Product Support in case of any eventual product errors.”

With this we hope our users can have the best experience since the beginning with Design Studio, and, according to the last sentence in our communication, you can count with our support in case you find an error in the product or some missing/confusing information in our documentation. Enjoy!

Kind Regards,

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  1. Former Member

    Hi Marcio,

    Cool, nice blog. Quick question, does Integrated planning supported on design studio BO/BI Platform or only supported on Netweaver platform only… Design studio is not compatible for Input ready queries or for planning applications?

    Do you have any plans for supporting it in the future versions?

    Thanks in advance.

    Best Regards


    1. Marcio Evaldt Post author

      Hello TR,

      Thank you! Yes, planning is already supported for Design Studio running on BIP.

      Notice, however, that a BW backend as the IP system is necessary.

      Kind Regards,


      1. Former Member

        Thank you Marcio, Planning applications works with Input ready queries on BIP Platform right?

        Do we need to do any scripting for it  to make it work, example using the command : DS_1.configureInputReadiness(true)?


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