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Friends, Romans, Countrymen – Lend me your User Objects!

Hi Everyone;

    As the designer & builder of the Software Tool & Die “Integrated“, “Web Service” frameworks – not to mention now EOL products like “EAServer”, “PocketBuilder”, “Webform” frameworks – I am always interested in innovating them. So if you have an interesting and innovative Visual or Non-Visual User Object or some “kool” PowerScript code that you think I could assimilate into the frameworks, I would love to hear from you!  😎

   You do not have have to be the owner of the object … you might know a friend who built one, see an interesting URL to a website that has one, use one internally developed at your work (where your management would approve of its release), have a prototype that you got somewhere that does something neat, etc – then please forward these objects / contacts to me.

The key is that the objects / PowerScript have the following criteria:

1) Designed for PowerBuilder Classic

2) Open Source (or could be)

3) Do not call external proprietary DLL’s

4) Utilize pure PowerScript

5) Fully encapsulated (or could easily be)

6) Add a feature not native to PB Classic

7) Compliment an existing PB feature and take it to a “Wow” level.


  BTW: My frameworks have always been free and my goal is to always keep them that way, Lets work together to improve PowerBuilder and the PB Community!

Many thanks in advance

Regards … Chris

PS: When I say PB Classic I also include Appeon Web and Appeon Mobile in that realm as well.  😉

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      Hi Chris, STD Framework is great! Bit it would be much easier to contribute if it would be hosted on GitHub. I could make I pull request directly to change something or to add new code. GitHub has really nice discussion and community features to track and control what's a "hit " and what's "a s***" 😉 .

      I am not a SourceForge expert. Maybe it is possible also.

      Feel free to contact me via PM if you need some information about GitHub.

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      Hi Ben;

        Thanks Ben!

        I was looking for submissions of "candidate" code for me to assimilate into the framework. I was not thinking about open sourcing the work on the framework. However, you do bring up an interesting idea. AFAIK SF does have the same capabilities for hosting shared development like you mention (including source code management). I'll definitely think about this aspect in the near future.

        Thank you for highlighting this option.

      Regards ... Chris

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      Tobias Bruegging

      Hi Chris,

      if I had a wishlist, ldap-authentification would be great. I had a link, but I can't find it right now... :-/



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      Hi Tobias;

        FYI: I have implemented LDAP in my framework and created a new "Web Service In-A-Box" that brokers your applications LDAP interaction with Active Directory. The LDAP ADSI support for your PB Classic application is in my "Integrated" framework and I just posted the LDAP Web Service "In-A-Box" code this week - built from my Web Service framework. All of which are free on the SourceForge website ... STD Foundation Classes |

        BTW: I will be giving a comprehensive presentation on Active Directory at the 2015 PowerBuilder Conference in May located in Charlotte, NC, USA on Friday afternoon. FYI: Friday May 8, 2015 | NCPBUG

        I hope to do some PBTV webcasts on this as well in the near future.  🙂

      Regards ... Chris