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C4C Certification

Last Update:  October 2015.  

You asked for it, you got it:  C4C certification is now live!   There are three tests based on the three courses:

  • C4C10 – Project implmentation / application associate
  • C4C30 – SDK / developer associate
  • C4C50 – Integration / integration associate

Here is what you need to know if you are interested in taking the certification.

1. The exams are based on the course content.  If you are relatively new to C4C, it’s recommended you take the courses and participate on at least 1 project prior to taking the test.

2.  As the courses are updated with new release functionality, the exams will also be updated with ‘delta’ tests.  This enables you to keep your certification current.    Right now we can’t say exactly when our first delta exam will take place, but we are generally thinking 1511.

3.  If you are in a location where the classes are not offered, or you already have some experience and want a refresher, you might want to enroll in the learning hub.  The learning hub has all the course content.  There is a C4C10 room that can be used to help you prepare for the test.

4.  Susan Martin’s blog is the best place to get details about enrolling to take the tests.  I’ve got some tips below, but I can’t answer all the questions on the logistics of signing up.  The certification team can answer all those detailed questions.

This is how I signed up to take the C4C10 test:

0.  If you want to skip all the steps below and go directly to the C4C10 test -use this link:—sap-cloud-for-customer-g… It give some information on the test, including some sample questions.

1.  Go to and select your country and language. 

2.  Go to 

3.  There is the option to subscribe or to login.    If you have not yet subscribed, selected subscribe.  Then, of course, you get to pay some money for the joy of taking tests!  With the subscription you can take up to 6 different tests in a year.    The certification team can answer all your questions on this. 

4.  Once my subscription was all set, select “Access” – now it is getting very exciting!!!


5.  In the first screen you can do a test to ensure you can connect to the test.   Select Exam Dashboard to schedule the test.


6.  In the Exam Dashboard, you can see the three tests for C4C. 


7.  Select a test, and schedule!


Here are some blogs written by test takers on their experiences:

Alejandro’s 2nd test, he has a link back to the blog on his first test:  C4C30 certification – My experience!

My experience after my first test. I have now taken both the C4C10 and C4C50:  My first experience taking the C4C certification test

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  • Ginger,

    Thanks for sharing the info!

    Only one question from my side, when buying SAP Certification in the Cloud (6 attempts) - CER006, does it include access to Training material if I, for example, enroll for C4C10 certification or I am only buying credentials for getting into a certification room?

    Best luck for tomorrow! I believe that C4C30 and C4C50 are now also availble for sitting for exams!



      • HI Alejandro

        Yes - the certification only gets you access to the tests.  You'll want to also subscribe to the learning hub - there you can get ALL course content - not just the C4C curriculum, but all SAP curriculum. 


        • Hi Ginger ,

          Have you seen the salesforce certification process ? You can lay hands to all the curriculum without any portal. Just attend any training at any certified training institutes and schedule your certification. This is democratization which cloud should bring about. No locking knowledge in learning hubs. If someone has willingness and has ability to do the certification , then one should be able to get it. Irrespective of the fact that I am a employee of a partner or an individual , I should be able to do the certification. You know that at my employer nearly has nearly every salesforce consultant certified(ratio of no of employee/ no of certified). You can check out the numbers yourself for C4C.

          Now Learning hub licences have to purchased from SAP and there would be again a process to procure them followed by lengthy price negotiations before its is procured. You know the cycle could be as long as 6 months for this process. This is just for your partners. I even don't know the process for individual who want to procure learning hub licences.

          I know this is not going to change and I know for this precise reason , the C4C solution would take more time in getting its convert.


          • Hi Kavindra

            The learning hub is not required.  You can take the courses and immediately signup for the certification.   The learning hub is an option if you don't want to take the courses, there you can get all the training course material, study on your own, then take the certification. 



          • Hi Ginger ,

            The courses are not available in India. Can you please suggest what is the alternative ?

            I have already worked in ESF team when it was only used for Byd and have a fair idea of modelling Enterprise Services in ESR , Generating Proxy and Implementing them . My team was involved in building S&AM and MDRO components apart from ESF. So I have fair idea of the landscape and wanted to add on to my knowledge by getting certified.



          • Hi Kavindra

            They've all be taught in India previously.  Assuming your comment means there are none scheduled at the moment?  You can do two things:

            1. Call the SAP India Education number and ask when they will be scheduled.

            2. Contact Nandan Das- - they can ensure you are notified when they will be scheduled again. 

            Let me know if you have troubles getting information on when they will be scheduled next.


          • Here is a response from our certification team:

            In order to ensure test security and the qualification of the candidates, the candidates must submit proof of SAP authorized training or project experience prior to booking an exam or certification subscription.  The learning hub is an option if you don't want to take the courses, there you can get all the training course material, study on your own, then take the certification.  Further discussion on the importance to safeguard the value of SAP certification can be found here:


          • Hi Ginger,

            I have inquired about C4C certification in India today after seeing your statement given below.

            "In order to ensure test security and the qualification of the candidates, the candidates must submit proof of SAP authorized training or project experience prior to booking an exam or certification subscription"

            However, it is not possible to write C4C certification even with project experience.  🙁

            It is possible only if we can submit proof of SAP authorized training. 



          • Hi Ginger ,

            For a solution which is yet upcoming , how can people have work experience ? For someone like me who was very closely in development of frameworks used in C4C(extended to all cloud solutions now)& understands programming model very well , it makes a perfect case for going ahead .Somehow there is no simplification seen here. I hope you would agree with me here.

            Can you let me know which are the dates available for certification in India as your SAP Education colleague did not respond ? My organization has procured Learning hub licences.


          • The SAP certification needs to be revamped given its intricate ways of offering certifications for prospective individuals i.e. COST of the course and COST of the exam.

            SAP needs to open eyes and look around how there peers are offering the certification programs and the costs involved e.g. Salesforce. Salesforce has got one of the best frameworks to support the individuals to become certified which in turn helps the company in spreading its reach. I recall a very good saying "It Is Not the Strongest of the Species that Survives But the Most Adaptable".

      • Hi Ginger ,

        Sorry to comment again but this is the sort of differential policies that SAP applies world over is a huge issue(at least for me). Does any other cloud vendor for e.g. Salesforce , Pegasystems follow the same ? You can checkout the answers but I know its not. The world is getting flat but somehow certification process @SAP is not.These policies would keep out a lot of people who want to get certified. Strangely no one ever provides a reason for this 🙂 . I remember the chief architect of SAP ByD( I was a part of ESF team in SAP ) asking us to point the same inadequacies.

        At this point when I want to move intto cloud CRM consulting , I am more inclined to take a any other  cloud CRM certification than a C4C certification. Reasons

        • Salesforce(for e.g.) is a proven player and C4C is catching up. (SAP is using the same ByD infrastructure to run C4C and its also not proven in the market. )
        • Ease of acquiring knowledge. No Learning hub , no differential certification policies and wider customer base. I can be done in 2-3 weeks.
        • Salesforce(for e.g.) ecosystem is much bigger than C4C ecosystem.


        P:S - I am based out of India and have no learning hub licence.

  • Hi Ginger,

    The certification code for C4C is not available in below link


    The same information is not available in in below image as well.c4c certification code.PNG

    Please let me know whether SAP offering C4C Certification in India or not.



    c4c certification code.PNG
  • Sometimes I don´t understand SAP.

    I tried to enroll the Certification Hub, for the C4C certification, and came the message "Subscription is not available for the selected country."

    My question, why Brazil is not supposed to don´t have access?

    And comes many other questions like:

    Why SAP Customers can´t access (my case)

    Why SAP insist to make the things so hard to customers. The odd thing about it is we´re talking about C4C, CRM, and Customer Experience. In terms of Customer Experience is really bad, my feeling is: Frustrated


  • Hi Ginger Gatling,

    I have been trying for c4c training details from SAP India but nobody is responding properly.  I have been trying to get the details since Nov' 2016 but no use.  I had mailed to "" so many times but I did not get useful response till now.  I had called up to the team/person responsible but I did not get the details till now. I dont know the reason why.

    How do we know the training details and with dates? 

    Who is responsible to give us the details?

    What should we do if we dont get any response from the team responsible then?

    Hope you can understand the priority of my concern.



  • /
    c4c certifications.PNG
  • Hi Ginger,

    I am interested in taking up C4C 10 certification. Could you please provide details regarding enrolling for the same and cost details?



  • Hello,

    Is their any prerequisite to attempt the certification?
    I dont wish to go through the Training but to attend the certification. Is it allowed ?

    Praveen Nenawa

    • Hi Praveen,

      Prerequisite for Cloud Certification in India:-

      1.       You should have completed course through SAP Learning Hub or SAP Education India having participation certificate on your name.
      2.       If learning hub is sponsored by your employer then you need to have a dedicated Learning Hub Id under your name.

      My opinion: SAP is directly or indirectly forcing us to go through the training from them.  We can not just pay the exam fees to give an attempt to pass even though we are technically sound and experienced.

    • Hello Venkat,

      congratulations, well done! Just wondering, are there any questions about SAP Real-Time-Communicator (being embedded in SAP C4C) in the certification included?



  • Hello Venkat,

    Congrats !!!

    I have one doubt here, earlier they used to have C4C10 certification for project implementation. But now its looks like  C4C12_2016 - SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales certification and you done it, means there is no C4C10 certification anymore?

    If yes, then do we need to prepare for C4C12_2016 - SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales certification using both C4C10 & C4C12 materials?

    Thanks in advance.



    • Hi Sandico,

      There are no Instructor-led classroom courses currently is what I noticed. You can talk/write to SAP Education and check if there are other interested candidates like you:


      If your organization is subscribed to the Learning Hub, you should find the C4C12 flipbook there.



  • Cleared my SAP C4C  - Application Consultant Certification today...

    Do we get only soft copy or do we also get a hard copy similar to SAP ECC certification certificates. How long does it take.