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Author's profile photo Denise Nepraunig

SAP CodeJam Ankara (SAPUI5)


On 18th April 2015 our SAPUI5 CodeJam took place in the capital city of Turkey: Ankara. It was hosted by TED Üniversitesi. I was there as the SAPUI5 expert. SAP Mentor Abdulbasıt Gülşen was the contact person and host of the event and he did a great job in organizing this event and also helped me with my whole travel organization. A big thank you from my side!

We were using the SAP Web IDE for our development to highlight the ease of use for this tool (zero installation, quickly create a starter application). Each attendee brought his/her own laptop. To quickly get up and running with development we have used the cloud version of the SAP Web IDE and the provided WiFi did a good job. We quickly get up and running after the creation of the free trial account of HCP.

The People

I was really overwhelmed that we had so many participants (almost 40 people) from different locations at this first ever SAPUI5 CodeJam in Ankara. I was especially happy to also see some girls in the audience 🙂 And I have also seen a OpenUI5 Shirt in the audience. The experience of the participants varied heavily from “no experience” to “already build apps with it” – but I think everyone learned something new and valuable this day.

The Event

After introduction to the SAP Developers Program and an overview of SAPUI5 and the difference between SAPUI5 and OpenUI5 we headed right into the first simple “Hello World” program created with the SAP Web IDE. After that we continued with creating our first controller code and changed the application to make use of the “Component-based” approach. I also demonstrated how to set up routing in a simple application and tried to explain it in a “Master Detail Application”. Routing can hardly be explained – it can only be experienced how this magic works :-D. I also demonstrated how to set up a connection via HCP to Northwind and what the Mock Server is all about and talked a bit about the SAP Cloud Connector.

Between those showcases the people followed the prepared exercises or explored the SAPUI5 examples and documentations. The remaining exercises contained things like Controls, Formatters, Grouping, Translations (i18n), Search, Split App, Device Adaption and Fragments. I was handling a lot of questions and after I was finished with all my demos I walked around and talked with the participants – very surprising that we had German-Speaking-Participants!

For lunch we went to a near local restaurant and I was very pleased to get to know the local specialities. Thank you for that introduction into the Turkish culture! For me it was great to see that all participants had nice small talks at the breaks and gave feedback so that I could adopt. In the end – this is your community, your CodeJam, your day – your wish is my command!

My resource list


We had a relaxed atmosphere in a impressive environment with beautiful weather and great infrastructure. I have seen a lot of happy faces and I think a lot of people walked home with new friends and new knowledge. It was a fun day exploring SAP technology and getting hands-on the latest tools of SAP. This is what CodeJams are all about: having a great day, getting hands-on coding and engage in your local community! I also learned a lot of things this day and met really nice people! Many thanks for this great opportunity and again – Abul – thank you for hosting and organizing this event – and thank you all the participants for attending this event! I wish you all the best and good luck in your upcoming SAPUI5 development journey.

BR, Denise


Pictures by Ibrahim GUNDUZ @twigunduz

Welcome by our organizer and SAP mentor Abdul


SAPUI5 Introduction:


Young and old(!):


Pictures by Abdulbasıt Gülşen @abdulbasitg

Everything prepared, waiting for the participants:


Full house now:


Hands on in the XML view:


The participants:


Happy faces at lunch time:




Pictures by me – Denise Nepraunig @denisenepraunig



Cheese dessert:


Guiding to CodeJam:


Coffee or tea anyone?


View from our classroom:


Inside the building:


Inside the room:


Grab the material and got to your trial account:


My POV 😉


Networking, networking, networking:


The red carpet for us:


Tea time:


The entrance:


The building:


And once again: THE FOOD!!!


Picture by Rıdvan Polat @ridvan_p

Our After-#CodeJam Selfi 🙂


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      Author's profile photo Robin Van Het Hof
      Robin Van Het Hof

      This looks like a truly, wonderful experience! Looking at the pictures, I can only facepalm myself for not having attended it; I'm sure the food tasted as wonderful as it looks!

      In the end - this is your community, your CodeJam, your day

      All joking aside, this of course it what it really is about 🙂

      Author's profile photo Vladimirs Semikins
      Vladimirs Semikins

      Thanks Denise Nepraunig I will share this blog to our colleagues if you don't mind... Trying to convicence them that CodeJam rocks and we need one in Riga!

      Author's profile photo Abdulbasit Gulsen
      Abdulbasit Gulsen

      Thanks for coming. It really has a big value for local community to have this opportunity.

      I also would like to add my special thanks to Erdem Zengin , Fatih Yildirim for their helps in local arrangements. It wouldn't happen without their support.

      Having 39 attendee showed that we need to organise another CodeJam(s) about this topic in other cities 🙂 We had 10+ people coming from Istanbul and Adana.

      Author's profile photo Tahir Öz
      Tahir Öz

      Great one!

      Wish to be there 🙁

      Seems more exciting from Codejam event which happend in Istanbul Abdulbasit Gulsen, right 🙂 ?

      Author's profile photo Basar Ozgur Kahraman
      Basar Ozgur Kahraman

      Nice event!

      Thanks for all organizers.

      And Izmir team is ready for another codejam!!

      Author's profile photo Abdulbasit Gulsen
      Abdulbasit Gulsen

      I'm not sure we can do it before people get into summer mood in Izmir 🙂 Let's keep in touch and decide the best time.. 

      Author's profile photo Maksim Rashchynski
      Maksim Rashchynski

      will code sapui5 for that Şaşlık

      Author's profile photo Robin Van Het Hof
      Robin Van Het Hof

      My keyboard lacks all those fancy diacritics and special characters, so I just write is as 'shashlik', but yeah, I second Maksim and write UI5 too for that -- and do I see Baklava as well? Yammie! 😀

      Author's profile photo Abdulbasit Gulsen
      Abdulbasit Gulsen

      It is Künefe, much tasteful than Baklava 🙂